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Multilingual Voice Assistants

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Our Voice Meetup #6 is devoted to the topic of Multilingual Voice Assistants. Google Assistant is the first multilingual virtual assistant. Users can specify languages they can talk to the assistant. Amazon Alexa has now the ability to distinguish between languages. As many people all around the world can speak and understand multiple languages, it is crucial that virtual assistants provide multilingual modes. It is especially beneficial for bilingual homes where two or more languages are spoken. What are the underlying mechanisms though when training a system to understand more than one language? What are difficulties, obstacles, and benefits? And why do 'normal' translations not suffice when it comes to make VUIs accessible in more than one language? We are very much looking forward to our speakers sharing their expertise on the topic with us. The meetup will be held in English. AGENDA Start: 7pm I. [masked]pm: Introduction and Get to Know our Speakers II. [masked]pm: Talk #1 & Time for Questions and Discussions III. [masked]pm: Talk #2 & Time for Questions and Discussions SPEAKERS Martina Russo, Founder Moving Words Translations, Italian & Swiss Italian Translator Dr Rachael Tatman, Senior Developer Advocate at Rasa

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