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Voice Games Meetup
Voice Games - Revolutionizing Entertainment & Marketing We are happy to announce a new series of Meetups dedicated to the exploding field of voice games - games leveraging Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to engage voice users and gaming enthusiasts alike with innovative gaming concepts. How Munich Game “BRAIN PAIN” made the Finals of Alexa Games Challenge To kick of our voice games series, we will take an in depth look at “Brain Pain” (, one of the finalists in the current Alexa Games challenge. “Brain Pain” was jointly developed by, Jovo Studios and professional game designers Ulrich Blum and Jens Merkl. We will give you first-hand insights how the unique bundling of different strengths allowed us to develop the current edition of Brain Pain and which features make the game so attractive in the voice space. Voice Games for Marketeers The second part of the meetup will focus on implications of the voice games industry for marketeers. A great tool to build engagement, the right voice game can be the stepping stone for brands to regularly engage customers. We’ll discuss the special importance of voice games for the media and publishing industry in developing a powerful new engagement, marketing and monetization channel for existing content. We are looking forward to an exciting night bringing together gaming enthusiasts, and anybody just looking to have fun with their voice devices. The meetup will be sponsored and hosted by Burda Bootcamp in cooperation with Speakers: To be announced Location: Burda Bootcamp

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