• How Alexa and Google Assistant Are Changing Newspaper, Radio, Podcast and Music

    Our Voice Meetup #3 will be about the media and the impact of smart speakers on newspapers, radios and podcasting. We will ask our host how to make use of the emerging platforms that has already caught the attention of ~20% Americans and ~8% Germans. We have a pleasure to announce our first speaker Laura Terberl from Süddeutsche Zeitung, speaking about experience with a flash briefing and her opinion about the voice space from a newspaper perspective. Further speakers are to be announced soon. The meetup will be held in English. The stylish venue is provided by Wayra Deutschland and drinks are covered thanks to VUI.agency and Jan Antonin Kolar. 19:00 – Doors open 19:30 – Warm welcome from our host: Wayra 19:35h - 20:45 - inspiring talks Speakes: Laura Terberl Laura Terberl is an editor at Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's leading national daily newspaper. During her first two years, she worked in the video department. Now, she leads a new team that is responsible for four different podcast formats. Tim Pfeilschifter Tim Pfeilschifter is the lead product manager for voice at Bayerischer Rundfunk, the public broadcaster of Bavaria. Within the last year, he has shifted the company’s strategic focus from distributing existing content on voice to creating new genuine content for voice-enabled devices, such as interactive radio plays. The venue: Wayra is on the fourth floor at Kaufingerstraße 15, to get in the building, ring the Wayra bell (see photos).

  • Voice Games Meetup

    Burda Bootcamp

  • How to Develop Successful Amazon Alexa Skill

    Burda Bootcamp

    We are happy to announce 3rd voice meetup! According to Active Forecast, voice devices having the fastest technology adoption ever. However, designing for the voice Interface is very different to mobile or web UI. There is no visual limitation. Let's meet and listen to the stories from agencies and individuals who build successful voice apps how they tackle this problem, what makes great voice experience and where they think the industry is heading. Voice Interface is very different to mobile or web UI. Speakers: Liz Myers, VUI | UX Designer (former Amazon Alexa Evangelist) Skill building has come a long way since our first Meetups. Now there’s Alexa for business, automotive, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, smart home & more! But no matter the domain - there are some universal best practices you can apply. Liz will highlight several things she does to elevate voice experiences, plus give live demos so you can see (and hear!) exactly what she means. Stanley Walker | CEO of minespecs His Mission is to progress Technology in the Voice Automation Sector. He has successfully created several skills for large scale customers and recently decided to focus more on the mobilty voice automation. His company minespecs was the first to commercially integrate Alexa experiences into vehicles.

  • Voice meets IoT Hackathon

    tyntec GmbH

    Important: Get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/voice-meets-iotsmarthome-hackathon-munich-tickets-44181321522 +++ VOICE MEETS IOT HACKATHON +++ Build Actions for Your Community Hey everyone, Welcome to the Voice meets IoT Hackathon for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. Get ready for two days of fun and building cool stuff for Google Assistant & Amazon echo dot. Get insights from experts and start building actions & skills. Never wrote a single line of code? Don't worry! You don't have to be a coding ninja! We'd like to invite every creative person and of course you'll get an intro how to get started. * Our Mission * In the era of voice-controlled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Assistent, we’re boldly going one step further. Merging voice and IoT/Smart Home – combining the two innovative technologies – to create exciting possibilities. Speakers Johann Romefort - Technical Evangelist Stylight, Organizer of da.hoam Liz Myers - TheAlexpert.io Wolfram Rittmeyer (Google Developer Experts) Alexey Vidanov - Voice User Interface Designer Schedule April 13, Hackathon Day 1 19:00 - Kickoff 19:30 - Home-Smart-Home – Liz Myers, TheAlexpert.io 20:00 - IoT with the Google Assistant - Wolfram Rittmeyer, Google Developer Experts 20:30 - Create Amazon Alexa skills without code using Storyline – Alexey Vidanov, Voice UI Designer 21:00 – 22.00 - Team Building & Socializing April 14, Hackathon Day 2 09:30 – 10.30 - Registration & Breakfast 10.30 – 11.30 - Workshop[masked] – 12.45 - Workshop[masked] – 13.30 - Lunch 13.30 – 20.00 - Hacking 20.00 – 22.00 - Code Freeze & Presentations Alexa IOT Workshop with Liz Myers: EASY IoT with Alexa and Me Would you like to control your room, office, or home with your voice? Are there gadgets you wish you could make? Would you like to get started in “smart home” for under €20? Join Liz (and Alexa) Saturday, April 14th for a crash course in making “smart things” that you can control with your voice. On Friday evening, Liz will demo several different types of IoT projects you can make for Alexa - then in the Saturday workshop we’ll do a deep dive into Arduino + Alexa “thing making”. In the workshop, you’ll learn the following: 1. How to setup your Arduino environment + discover lights, sensors, motors in your “kit”. 2. Learn how to connect Arduino projects to the internet (hint: ESP8266 module) 3. Prototype your first smart home project 4. Connect new devices to Alexa 5. Tips and tricks for commanding “things” w/Alexa Please note: due to limited supplies participants are advised to bring anything they already have lying around the house. This may include: first generation Echo/Dot devices, Arduino kits, wire cutters/strippers, needle-nose pliers, glue gun, soldering iron, or anything else you typically use in light DIY projects. * Our Ambition * - Developing new, useful skills for leveraging the technologies of Amazon Echo and Google Assistent and applying them to IoT/Smart Home - Bringing together innovative companies and talents - Improving the collaboration between developers, designers and product manager - Elevating the culture of hackathons with healthy food, friendly atmosphere and great networking - Applying the technologies to advance social causes (for elderlies and disabled people) in addition to hackathon challenges from our Gold Sponsors * Social Responsibility * Adding to our Gold Sponsor Challenges, our plan is to introduce a social challenge category. By combining the voice assistance and IoT technologies, we aim to bring forth innovative ideas to help elderlies and disabled people. We’re working to partner with a non-profit organization to accomplish this goal. * Who is this for? * You don't have to be a coding ninja! Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers ... everyone is welcome! * Prizes * - Conference tickets & more

  • VoiceUI Hackathon Munich - Amazon Alexa powered by amazon & maxdome

    !! Important: Get your free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/voiceui-hackathon-munich-tickets-38417602082 !! Hey everyone, Welcome to the first VoiceUI Hackathon for Amazon Alexa in Munich. Get ready for a full day of fun and building cool stuff for the Amazon echo dot. Get insights from experts like Andrea Muttoni (Technical Evangelist Amazon), Liz Myers (Voice Designer), Tim Kahle (VoiceUI Hackathon Cologne winner), Fabian Dietenberger (Developer Sinnerschrader) and many more. Never wrote a single line of code? Don't worry! You don't have to be a coding ninja! We'd like to invite every creative person and of course you'll get an intro how to get started building skills for Amazon Alexa :) At the hackathon you'll have the chance to work on some really cool use cases. Happy to announce that there will be an API and challenge provided by maxdome (https://www.maxdome.de) maxdome is a German Video On Demand portal - this will be really exciting! Target group: you don't have to be a coding ninja! Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers ... everyone is welcome! Grand prize: Besides some cool gadgets your team has the chance to win something really special: The winner team has the chance to meet an real Amazon Alexa expert after the hackathon. You'll have a nice dinner and the expert will help you 1:1 pushing your skill to the next level. You'll also be invited by maxdome to a dinner with interview. Other prizes: - Echo Dots - JS Kongress conference tickets - WLAN sockets for Amazon Alexa - Philips Hue Starter Sets Schedule: 9.30 am - Registration & Breakfast 10.00am - Welcome Speech - Organizers & Sponsors 11.00am Talk1: Intro & Hands on Andrea Muttoni, Technical Evangelist Amazon 11.30am Talk2: Alexa meets Maxdome API - Liz Myers, Voice Designer 12.15am - Snacks & Pizza 1.00pm - Team Building 1.30pm Hacking 7.30pm Codefreeze 8.00pm Showcase Show & pitch what you have built. Our jury will pick some lucky winners. 9.00pm - 🏅 🏅Announcing winners & end Entry: free Sponsors: If you want to sponsor the event please get in touch ([masked])

  • VoiceUI Meetup #3

    Frog Design HQ

    Hey guys, it's meetup time again! Join us for our third VoiceUI Meetup. Our meetup will be sponsored & hosted by frog design (https://www.frogdesign.com). Thanks for having us! Agenda: 18:30 - 19:00 Socializing & Networking Talk 1: Best Practices from the Most Engaging Alexa Skills, Andrea Muttoni, Amazon Alexa Evangelist Talk 2: Voice UX/VUI/CUI, Stanley Walker, CEO minespecs Talk 3: Alexa Skill development deep-dive, Fabian Dietenberger, Full stack developer at SinnerSchrader Speakers Andrea Muttoni, Amazon Alexa Evangelist Topic: Best Practices from the Most Engaging Alexa Skills Build a great skill and get people to use it. In this talk, we’ll show you how the top skills have expanded their reach and tuned so that people keep coming back. Stanley Walker, CEO minespecs Topic: Voice UX/VUI/CUI I would like to take a deeper look into the principles of VUI / CUI. This will not be a technical lecture, but much more a "Principles of VUI / CUI". Too often the UI is neglected. In my lecture I will focus on "what I have to look out for" and "what should I consider" to create a proper UI. Fabian Dietenberger, Full stack developer at SinnerSchrader Topic: Alexa Skill development deep-dive Everyone has seen how to build fact skills, but having a look at how to build a more complex skill is still very rare. Therefore I want to give you some insights, best practices and learning from building “Event Guru”. A skill that uses various API’s (like Spotify, Songkick, Bitly, AWS SES), a mid-sized infrastructure and most of the Alexa features (like embedded MP3 and cards).

  • Partner event: Grand event about Chatbots & Voice Assistants

    Hey everyone, there will be a big event organized by our partners "Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots by Technology Messenger" & "Burda Bootcamp" dealing with Chatbots & Voice Assistants. If you are interested please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/TechMeMunich/events/240362088/ This is going to be a massive event for everyone interested in chatbots, voice assistants, and the cognitive technologies they are powered by. Two tracks, Business and Tech, 12 speakers, and 300 of you - technology enthusiasts. You definitely don't want to miss this! The biggest Munich event about Chatbots & Voice Assistants is coming. You can discover everything you ever wanted to know about the bot space - speakers from platform providers such as Microsoft, chatbot agencies, and startups working on their business ideas around chatbots are coming to deliver their deep and extensive knowledge to you. This event is organized in conjunction with Nano Hack @ Burda Bootcamp on June 24th that is devoted to Chatbots & Voice Assistants. You will build real-world solution, and the event serves as a crash-course for hackathon participants. Of course, it is not limited to only hackathon participants - everyone is welcome. Just bring your interest in chatbots, cognitive solutions, and voice-controlled digital assistants.

  • Amazon Alexa bootcamp with Memo Doring from Amazon

    Hey, we’re happy to announce our second Amazon Alexa bootcamp. We will also have Memo Doring as experienced evangelist from the Amazon Alexa team with us. He will give us a quick introduction about the development of Alexa Skills und guide us in depth through the process of developing skills for Alexa.This will be a hands-on session and will include coding. If you have a Dot or Echo please bring it with you and let’s have some fun with these devices. So please bring also a Notebook with you and have a AWS and Amazon Developer Account prepared. Everybody who has already done something cool with Alexa and would like to share that is also very welcome. Also setting up these two accounts (FREE) before getting started will be very helpful https://aws.amazon.com and https://developer.amazon.com Thanks to PAYBACK (https://www.payback.net/de/home/) for hosting and sponsoring the event! Schedule: 17:30 Socializing 18:00 Welcome & Intro PAYBACK 18:15 Talk 1: A better workflow for Alexa Lambda Development - Alexander Meissner 18:30 Talk 2: Account linking with Alexa and Google Analytics - Max Gaber, Wing Cheung 18:45 Workshop: 7 Things You Must Know to Build Better Alexa Skills - Memo Doring 20:00 Socializing & Networking Workshop by Memo Doring: 7 Things You Must Know to Build Better Alexa Skills As we add thousands of skills to the skills store our developers have uncovered some basic and more complex tips for building better skills. Whether you are new to Alexa Skill development or if you have created skills that are live today, this session will help you understand and learn best practices. During this session, you’ll build an Alexa skill using more advanced VUI concepts and we’ll cover how to use AWS services like dynamoDB and S3 to implement the best practices we cover. Talk 1: A better workflow for Alexa Lambda Development Description: Having a good development workflow and setup is of utmost importance if we want to develop and deploy complex skills with larger teams. Therefore, we will look at version controlling Alexa Lambda functions as well as being able to test functions locally. Furthermore, we will cover features like using shared and reusable modules / libraries between different lambda functions. Lastly, we will cover how to use continuous integration systems like CircleCI to automate the testing and deployment to Amazon AWS. Duration: 15min Speaker: Alexander Meissner Talk 2: Account linking with Alexa and Google Analytics Description: Getting our hands dirty with the challenging account linking option Alexa comes with, we will demonstrate how to setup account linking with Alexa using Google Analytics Account. We’ll leave the AWS interface behind us and show you how to write real code within your favourite IDE - just like programmers do. Therefore we will dive into an alternative setup with serverless to write and deploy Alexa skills using AWS lambda. Duration: 15min Speaker: Max Gaber, Wing Cheung

  • Skill Building with Liz Myers from Amazon

    Important note: We will meet at WERK1, Grafinger Straße 6, München Welcome to the first VoiceUI Meetup. Happy to announce that Liz Myers from Amazon (Alexa Evangelist) will come to Munich to do the skill development workshop. In this workshop you'll learn how to build skills for Alexa. Please bring your laptop with you so you can follow along. Also setting up these two accounts (FREE) before getting started will be very helpfull aws.amazon.com and developer.amazon.com Note: You don't have to be a developer or coding ninja to follow along. Everybody is welcome .. (developer, designer, product managers.... ) ;) Schedule: 6:30 PM Networking & Socialising 7:00 PM Workshop starts Please RSVP so we can get an accurate headcount and provide for everyone. Hope to see you there! Thanks to WERK1 for hosting the event and DieProduktmacher GmbH for providing pizza and beer. 🍕🍻