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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Marketing

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Are you ready to step up your marketing game? You may have heard about AR technology being applied in retail experience, or taken a VR rollercoaster ride. There are already great stories and examples of how brands are revolutionizing the customer experience by applying the new technology, and you'll hear it all.

And what's the fun if YOU don't get to experience for yourself, too? Therefore, our speakers will not only bring you real-life examples and stories, but also set up all the gadgets, including some AR and VR games and headsets.

Yes, you will get to play with the AR experience and VR headset if you haven't tried it. Come to open up your senses and enter the future world of AR and VR.

About the Speakers

Andreea Raducan is a young marketer passionate about Augmented Reality (AR) and other geeky technologies. Until recently, she was working as Product Marketing Manager at Metaio, the most advanced AR software producer up until its shutdown (caused by excessive success, and that’s not a joke). The 18months she spent at Metaio were enriching on many levels. The contact she had with the technology (its applications and its creative ecosystem) was by far the most valuable gain. Instead of looking back with nostalgia, Andreea decided to spread the word about AR’s wonders, especially the ones related to Marketing. So she says “Stay tuned and connect.” Find her on LinkedIn (

Andreea's presentation outline:

  • What is Augmented Reality?
  • How do brands leverage it for Marketing purposes?
  • What should we expect from the future?
  • What should you consider before getting started?

Clarence Dadson is a designer, developer and owner of the agency Design4real ( based in Munich. He has been working in the field of Online Marketing since 2000.

Since 2014 he has heavily invested in the Virtual Reality and 360° Video technology. You can find further information about his professional experience on LinkedIn (, XING ( and follow him on Twitter @design4real. (

Clarence's presentation outline:

  • About me
  • What is VRWhat is 360° Video vs. VR
  • How do we create VR 360° video
  • Computer generated 360° video
  • Marketing examples of VR 360° video
  • 360° video campains - Where to start
Nymphenburgerstr. 86 · München