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18:00 Socializing, food, drinks

19:00 Welcome

[40min] Advanced TypeScript – Marius Schulz

[10min] Break – Socializing, food, drinks

[30min] Designing the developer experience in Visual Studio Code — Steven Clarke

[10min] Break – Socializing, food, drinks

[10min] GIVEAWAY — 2 tickets to (

[60min] Visual Studio Code: The most useful (and underused) Tips and Tricks – Chris Dias

Location and food sponsored by Microsoft Germany GmbH.

Marius Schulz, @mariusschulz (, Freelance Dev & Trainer
Advanced TypeScript

TypeScript has come a long way over the years. Its type system has become increasingly expressive and is now capable of statically capturing surprisingly dynamic aspects of JavaScript.
Join me as I explore how various advanced features of the type system (such as non-nullable types, control flow based type analysis, discriminated unions, and mapped types) help you write more maintainable code with fewer bugs.

Steven Clarke, @StevenClarke12 (, VSCode Core–Team, Microsoft
Designing the developer experience in Visual Studio Code.

If you have ever cursed at Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code and asked why it was designed it that way, I'll try to answer your question. In this talk I'll discuss how we design the user experience of both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. I'll talk about some lessons we have learned about designing developer tools and will share a few stories about design decisions from the past.

Chris Dias, @chrisdias (, VSCode Core–Team, Microsoft
Visual Studio Code: The most useful (and underused) Tips and Tricks

Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, demo-heavy talk that takes you through some of our long-standing favorite tips and tricks, as well as introduces some of the new productivity features in Visual Studio Code. Whether you’re interested in quick ways to customize VS Code, making the most of the editor or keyboard shortcuts, or setting up services for your projects, there’s something for everyone looking to make their VS Code experience more productive!