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MunichJS – JavaScript User Group
MunichJS – JavaScript User Group
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Georg-Muche-Str. 3 · 80807 Munich

How to find us

The entrance itself lies around the corner.

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18:00 Socializing, food, drinks
19:00 Welcome

[15min] JavaScript: The Bad Parts — Benedikt Meuer
[30min] Typeful Redux — Paul Koerbitz
[15min] Break – Socializing, food, drinks
[30min] On making code beautiful — Zlatko Đurić

[canceled] Vue.js Talk — Miloš Sutanovac

Location and food sponsored by AG.

Typeful Redux — Paul Koerbitz

Redux is a great framework for state management - but its standard approach requires a lot of boilerplate and is hard type check. Typeful-redux is a thin wrapper which automatically provides a fully type-safe interface to redux.
Paul Koerbitz is CTO @ Smartreporting, a health-care startup that improves medical care by creating the best possible tool for creating radiology reports. Apart from JavaScript, he likes types, functional programming, software architecture, and math.

On making code beautiful — Zlatko Đurić

Imagine you have a simple JavaScript logger class. You then sprinkle some glitter over it in the dark. Add some fire over its shoulders. Pour rain over it and watch it disappear in time, like tears in rain. Can you do it with a simple JavaScript class, can you make it pretty and decorate it so? Yes, you can, with decorators!!!!
Zlatko Đurić s happily chugging away at his javascript scripts as a freelancer, sometimes doing Node.js, sometimes doing Angular, sometimes whatever else comes along. Zlatko enjoys meeting at meetups, and giving talks gives him an opportunity to learn about topics new and old.

Vue.js Talk — Miloš Sutanovac