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JavaScript Meetup – Micro Frontends

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JavaScript Meetup – Micro Frontends


18:00 Socializing, food, drinks
19:00 Welcome

[45min] Terminating the frontend monolith - Trygve Lie

More and more are turning to a micro service architecture and are doing so by splitting their backend services into smaller independent services. There are though still one big elephant in the room which not many talk about when it comes to micro services; the frontend.

One approach to solving this is the concept of micro frontends but what is micro frontends, when does it make sense to apply such an architecture and how do one do micro frontends in real life?

In this talk we will take a closer look at what micro frontends are, what they are not and how it works in reality. We will look at the principles and the code is takes to build small reusable frontend services which serve standalone micro applications and how these are stitched together into full pages. We will also look at how to break a large monolith into such an architecture piece by piece instead of rewriting everything in one go. We will also take a look at how design systems and front end framework components, such as React components or Web Components, play into this concept.

This talk introduces Podium which was built by to cater for easy development of micro frontends with multiple HTTP frameworks such as Express, Hapi, Fastify, cloud function, React, etc.

Trygve Lie
Trygve Lie is frontend tech lead at the frontend platform team at He has been doing frontend development since pre 2000 and is one of the founders of the Framsia meet-up group and the Web Rebels conference in Oslo, Norway. is one of the top 3 websites in terms of traffic in Norway.

[15min] Break – Socializing, food, drinks
[30min] TPD - Free Slot

Location and food sponsored by HolidayCheck Group AG
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Neumarkter Str. 61 · München, BY
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