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Current Events:
Sketch N' Chill Feat. Beer is a FREE drawing event normally held at The Republic Pub in Farmingdale Long Island every other Thursday (Bi-Weekly).


Muñoz-Stock is an Annual Summer Festival featuring Music, Art & Video Games on Long Island.

Hosted by Long Island based Punk Rock band, The Muckrakers, the festival is committed to keeping live music ALIVE as well as fostering an environment for creativity and showcasing local art.

Last year Muñoz-Stock was held at Station Sports in Huntington Saturday, August 4th 2018.

Be sure to join us this year!

- Evan Muñoz


Muñoz Stockin' Events is how Muñoz Stock keeps connected with the creative local community on Long Island throughout the year.

Be it a Sketch N' Chill Feat. Beer in your area or a LIVE event at your local bar. Muñoz Stockin' Events unite different creative outlets to show you how fun and inspiring people within your community can be!

Now get off that couch and come help support your community with us... we are more fun than staring at some light-emitting diodes :D

Bonus Links:
- Muñoz-Stock Website ~ http://www.munozstock.com
- Muñoz-Stock FB ~ https://www.facebook.com/MunozStock
- Muñoz Stockin' Events FB Group ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/116364475659605
- MSE: Sketch N' Chill Feat. Beer ~ https://www.meetup.com/Sketch-N-Chill-LI
- The Muckrakers ~ https://www.facebook.com/TheMuckrakers

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