What we're about

We are a group of likeminded individuals that come together to share our individual spiritual paths with each other and raise consciousness.

We ask all members to abide by these simple requests from the group.

1. We believe that all paths, beliefs, dogmas, philosophies and religions are welcome.
2. We believe that each individual has a right to choose a spiritual path of their own.
3. Although some members may use substances as a means to enhance their spirituality, we, as a group, do not dispute, or advocate the validity of such claims.
4. We ask everyone to respect each other's individual journey by showing compassion, kindness, love and acceptance to one another.
5. We ask those who participate to not proselytize by implying that their particular beliefs are somehow better or more truthful than others beliefs or, discounting in any way the beliefs of others.

Upcoming events (1)

August Meetup

Sri Ganesha Temple

This month we will meet in Nashville and learn about the Hindu religion. The Meetup will include a tour of the Sri Ganesha Temple and a guided meditation. Please plan to arrive no later than 3 p.m. Hope to see y'all there.

Past events (1)

July meetup

Body Mind Consulting Educational Studio

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