What we're about

Music Biz & Banter is a business-focused meetup group open to any type of musician or music influencer in Milwaukee area.

Its mission is to strengthen the administrative, organizational and networking skills of the average working musician – so that we as a community can improve our efficiency, maximize our income streams and thus, improve our creative output.

Let’s get connected, learn from and inspire each other, and continue to invigorate the Milwaukee area’s thriving music scene!

Each meetup will conclude with time for open networking.

Upcoming events (4)

Featured Music Influencer: Kris Crow

220 E Pittsburgh Ave

Entertainer/Singer/Pianist/Guitarist Kris Crow will tell of how he got into the music business. He will discuss lessons learned along the way, life hacks he's discovered that make being a working musician easier, and more. Come here his story! Bio: Kris Crow A lifetime of music. At 4 years old outside of Des Moines, Iowa, he was making music. From playing guitar with his family in the basement to winning all major state awards for voice in high school. Kris went on to study vocal performance at the renowned New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. From there, his music led him to Chicago, Phoenix and finally, Milwaukee. Residing there for the last 20 years, Kris started playing solo across bars and clubs while performing in various groups. Currently, you can find Kris on tour with: The Prince Experience Musical Director Keys/BGV Milwaukee Tool Shed Band Musical Director Keys/BGV Kris Crow Band Musical Director Vocals/Guitar 52nd Street Keys/Saxophone/Accordion/Percussion/BGV

Ask an Expert: Talking Contracts with Jared Judge

5507 W North Ave

Jared Judge is an active freelance violinist and violist in Milwaukee. He runs BookLive, a software platform that saves musicians time and eliminates the headache of booking live performances by providing a streamlined contracting, payments and scheduling solution. He has worked with hundreds of musicians on creating and implementing an effective contract to protect them and their performances. Jared will share his knowledge on contracts, from the musician's perspective, at this event.

Breakfast, Biz & Banter: Comparing Associations - for Private Instructors

The Milwaukee area and state of Wisconsin both have a number of different associations that private music teachers could choose to belong to: MMTA, WMTA/MTNA, MAPTA, then there are also the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs, WSMA and Civic Music to be familiar with. We will compare and contrast, get familiar with them all. Representatives from each organization will be invited to attend to speak on his or her association. We'll get together to meet, discuss what we know on the topic, then do some general open networking. Grab a coffee and/or breakfast on your own, while you're there!

Featured Venue: Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple owner Adrienne Pierluissi will meet with us and tell us a little about the bar/back room music venue, taking questions. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. We won't likely be able to try instruments in the space this time, but we will be welcome to enjoy Monday Metal, which starts at 8pm. Bring your business cards and/or gig schedules, for open networking following the meetup! www.mysugarmaple.com

Past events (6)

Lunch & Lit: Artistic DNA by Josep Molina

Milwaukee Public Market

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