• Ask an Expert: Personal Branding - More than Just Advertising, David Brady

    Branding is not advertising and nor is it a logo. It's the feeling within those you serve from you solving their problems. You can brand in a meaningful way and it starts with knowing your gift and building a legacy. -- About David Brady, our Expert: The most significant role model in David's life, for good and bad, is his father. He was an attorney, and when asked what he does, he always responded: "I help people solve their problems." Decades later, David is an individual in the world with one singular drive - to help people solve their problems. David lives this drive as a consultant, helping people develop their brands; as a recruitment marketing and process improvement leader; as a manager of motivated teams, and as a recruitment professional. In all cases, David lives by a simple mission: to help people solve their problems so that they can do the things that matter and change the world. https://www.bradyhelps.com/ - Bring along your lunch if you'd like. Or, grab coffee/a snack from the Sharehouse shop on your way up!

  • Lunch & Lit: No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender - Shannon Curtis

    Milwaukee Public Market

    About the Book: How many times have you thought that there’s got to be a better way to reach more people and make more money with your music? With a unique approach to touring and turning a profit, singer-songwriter Shannon Curtis has released an in-depth eBook that details how up-and-coming artists can follow her direct-to-fan recipe for making way more fans and way more money. No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K On A 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can Too) breaks down in plain language and precise detail a plan for artists that doesn’t follow the traditional club & coffeehouse methodology. Topics covered include: Finding the right hosts: how to build an itinerary using your existing email list and social media relationships Creating the ideal performance space: how to focus your audience and maximize your show’s intimacy and connectivity Helping your hosts put together their invite lists: how to set yourself up for a successful event by guaranteeing “critical mass” Setup and flow: how best to pace the evening to maximize guests’ experience (and your income!) Gathering donations: how to partner with your host for a financially successful event Merchandise strategies: how to create awareness, maximize your effectiveness, and make more money Making sure you have the right gear: specific equipment recommendations and how-tos But more than just giving procedural suggestions, Curtis goes deeper, thoroughly explaining the psychology and interpersonal dynamics behind her tremendously successful house concert touring method. You won’t just come away with a knowledge of what works, you’ll understand why it works. Curtis says: “My decision several years ago to abandon traditional club touring in favor of house concerts has made my career as an artist better on every measurable level. I sell more albums and merch, generate more income, receive more signups to my email list, and most importantly, I make stronger, deeper connections with the people listening to my music. With this book, I’m confident that you can open the door to a whole new world of deeply enriching performance experiences, whether you’re a veteran artist or a complete rookie to touring.” -- Music Biz & Banter organizer Allison will have recently read this book, will talk about five valuable takeaways, and will review it. Others are encouraged to read the book ahead of time (obtain your own copy), join in the discussion and review. Attendees are not obligated to read the “lit” in advance. At least 20 minutes of this meet-up will be chatting about the chosen book for the month. Book suggestions for future meetups can also be made. Grab lunch while we're there! All events will close with open networking.

  • Breakfast, Biz & Banter: SEO and Your Website

    Whole Foods Market

    Dana, Doug, Kim and Allison discussed websites for musicians at our last roundtable event, and gave reviews of each others. Something we didn't get to was SEO: Search Engine Optimization. What does SEO mean? How can we gain better knowledge and control of it with our own web presence? We'll get together to meet, discuss what we know on the topic, then do some general open networking. Grab a coffee and/or breakfast on your own, while you're there!