What we're about

Music meditation co-creative vibrational harmony with each other and for all..world fusion music making experience

Let’s meditate through music together

Inspired by:
multiple genres and feelings.
Artists ranging from: Grupo putamayo, Santana,
Charnel Moreno, Calvin Harris, Leo Rojas, Sade, Enigma...
Blending all genres, from EDM to Tropical House, World Fusion

Unique instruments:
Percussion instruments such as Cajon, Congas, claves Etc to
Acoustic guitars, dulcimer, ghuzheng, hang drum, etc. to powered keys, synth, programmed beats, electric bass, etc....(anything really, except vocals unless you want to chant or ohm....no lyrics)

Your vibe:
If you are familiar with any or all of such as, sound frequency, Solfeggio, sacred geometry, vibrational resonance or quantum physics, esoteric studies, chakras, eastern philosophy, spirituality, chanting, theosophy..and that everything is Energy...and want to create music freestyle, and record, create from your soul verses your head, with no agenda other than to channel music in a magical peaceful inspiring setting....then let’s connect!

Professional musician who toured, recorded and wrote in a pop band for over a decade as lead guitarist. Currently songwriting and composing regularly in my home studio. I have performed, written and recorded with pro level musicians....I have many instruments here and love to share.
Styles written range from modern pop to rock but i vibe in the genres defined above (allowing what comes out of me organically, without thought...fits in to those genres). Practicing daily meditation, some yoga, eastern philosophy, theosophy, quantum physics, etc...I am present and manifest through my vibrational set point. As for the energy world, multiverse, science, history, etc, I could talk on those subjects forever...

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