What we're about

The Mast Malangs Reloaded is a membership social club with eclectic calendar of events from music/ dance/ /art/ theater/ poetry / wellness/ grooming/styling and much more. The platform provides an opportunity to individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and create meaningful memories.

Under MMR the member families would attend events aimed at self development/ skill enhancement/ relationship building in a fun, exciting and innovative way.

This is an opportunity to relax and create lasting memories An ideal break away for the 9 to 5 corporate world. Let's get together for live events which are specially curated to deliver experiential journey .

Eligibility Criteria:

- The events are exclusively for couples only.

- The applicants should be 40+ years

- Resident of India

Membership: 5,000 per couple

Duration of Membership: 6 months

Events: 2 per month.

Events Cost: 1,000 onward per couple .

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