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Are you a Gen Zer in Vancouver, perhaps a university student or young working adult? Are you interested in gaining some experience for your c.v. on the business side of the music industry? This group is for Gen Zers who want to discuss pop music marketing ideas, and perhaps even participate in their execution.

The music industry has changed dramatically, with streaming now a dominant force in the market. In response to this, Rufus Lin Productions, and one of its labels Edge of The Road Records, an electro-pop record label based in Vancouver and Tokyo, are organizing this meetup, with a twofold objective:

(a) provide Gen Zers (university/college students or young working adults) an opportunity to participate in the marketing strategy and planning activities of a real-world music production company.

(b) provide ourselves (Rufus Lin Productions) a way to understand Gen Z values and preferences with respect to pop music.

To this end, we plan to have our marketing staff do more listening than talking, but we will naturally be glad to answer any questions about the realities of the marketing work we do.

While we are thankful for your thinking and advice, participants are not paid, so we don’t ask you to do anything other than to attend monthly meetings in Richmond from 17:00-18:30 on a weekday, and to participate in a closed online forum. This is not a job, it’s a Meetup for those of us who are interested and passionate about music marketing!

Of course, if you wish to get more concretely involved in specific marketing activities, we will pay you at least minimum wage for any work approved by us.

We look forward to having a small vibrant group of present and future music marketing professionals, talking about the challenges of marketing music in North America and Japan.

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