What we're about

Let's discuss how to improve dialogue among each other (with whom we may mainly agree and those with whom we may mainly disagree). Let's address socially conscious and conscientious matters, with music as the commonality and at the forefront (not background). Ever go to a venue and much of the audience members or patrons are trying to talk over the music and/or ignoring the performers? The goal for Music for Progress is to talk when planning, debriefing and spreading the word; enjoy and appreciate music when performed; be inspired; and act. We organize events in the DC-area (and possibly road trips) around awareness, creativity, and connectedness. The musical and lyrical talent may not be famous and the venues may be small, but not in mind or heart.

Past events (9)

"Cecily Salutes DC"

Atlas Theatre

Farm Aid 2016

Jiffy Lube Live (Formerly Nissan Pavillion)

United We Stand Fest in LA