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Are you a musician struggling to make ends meet? Have you ever considered Software Development as an alternative source of income but thought it’s probably too hard or even too late to get started?

If you are a musician looking for an alternative source of income, a creative wanting to flex the other parts of your brain, or anyone wanting to learn the tenets of coding and software development — then this Meetup is for you!

As a professional musician in my early 30’s, I came to a point in my life where I started to worry about my finances and what would be my next steps when I got too old to tour consistently. I definitely didn't want to end up waiting tables or be stuck working in an some depressing office so I started teaching myself about software development, a skill I knew would be in demand and which could also be done remotely while on the road. Now, I have worked remotely for past several years in the tech industry, all while still a working as a full time touring musician.

Over the past few years, I’ve talked at length with many friends who are interested and curious about how I took this leap and have continued to make it work, with many of them now switching over to the tech industry completely. I would like to share my story and insight with anyone who might benefit from it, and hope to grow this community of musicians and artists in the process, and help them succeed in their careers, whether it be music, tech, or both. If you think it’s too late to learn, just remember, musicians tend to make great software developers. We are analytical, logical, methodical, and most importantly, creative—skills that the best coders also possess. There are many parallels between music and coding, and programming, like any instrument, just takes a bit of practice to get chops.

Here is a list of resources, feel free to add or edit anything you like! http://bit.ly/musicians-code-resources

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