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Brussels Musicians' Meetup

is a fun and social musical event organized once a month for musicians,singers and bands to play during the evening of the organized event.The essential component of this event is to meet new people and share our music live.

Our Ethos

“ Nice, friendly atmosphere with a variety of excellent performances. Well organized”

“ My first time and looking forward to the next one, met great people, easy to start chatting - very relaxed atmosphere and super supportive of the performers, who impressed the hell out of me! ”

Just a few comments from our members. The meetup is a great place to meet new music lovers, to share music and collaborate with other top musicians.

Its my first time coming here, what do I do ?

Please come and introduce yourself to either Chris, Colin or Myles. It’s a really laid-back and friendly group so just relax and have fun. There is no obligation to play, so just sit back and enjoy the show.

Is it free ?

Entry to the meetup is currently free and open to all musicians/singers and music lovers. We encourage musicians to come and try the group to see if they enjoy it.

After your first session, all musicians who play must pay the annual subscription of

10 euros - individuals wishing to play (default)

20 euros - bands (3 or more)

5 euros - music lovers and patrons of BMM

This gives you the choice to play in one of the 10 nights organised each year

The preferred way to pay your annual membership is.


If you can only pay in cash, please give a 5,10 or 20 Euro note to Colin (No change given!!)

P.S. All singers and musicians who are on stage must have paid their annual subscription before going on stage.

How often is the Musicians Meetup held?

Generally the third Thursday in every month, but this is confirmed each month

I would like to perform a song at the next meet up. What do I do?

• Make sure you are registered on the site

• Post a comment on the Meetup page that you want to play (posting a comment is the ONLY way to ensure you have a chance to play)

• There are 23 slots in the evening for people who have registered.

• We start at dead on 19:30 and finish at 23:15.

• In general, if you want to get a good slot, you should arrive around 18:45.

• No slots can be allocated to a person unless they are present (i.e. someone else cannot do this for you)

• By 19:30 there are generally no spaces left, so you'd better be quick!

I have never performed live before, how supportive is the audience?
Just focus on having a good time. The audience are mainly musicians and music lovers anyway so they know how difficult it is to go on stage. We have had several nervous people turn become real performers.

Be assured that if you are bad the audience only start to throw tomatoes on your second time on stage
[ I’m just joking! ;-) ]

Can I bring my friends?

Of course you can. The more the merrier!

How many songs can each group/person play?

Each act can play TWO songs (max 10 minutes total). Please choose short songs or one long song, so we can get everyone on and off stage in the 10 minute slot

How can I find other musicians to play with ?

Find a musician whose style you like and ask them if they would rehearse with you for the next meetup. Chris, Myles or Colin can provide the introduction if you like.

How many times can I go on stage ?

Once as a main act and once as supporting instrument (guitar, bass, piano etc).

What makes a successful performance?

• Ensure you are ready to go up on your number/time slot

• Make sure all your other musicians are ready and in the room

• Be on stage for NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES

• Make sure your instruments are tuned and ready to go

• Be nice to the audience and smile!!

My band would like to do a sound check before we play. Is this possible?

Unfortunately we don’t have time for sound checks. You need to be ready to go when your slot is free.

Do you provide equipment or do we need to bring our own amplifiers?

We provide the following equipment

• Microphones

• Acoustic guitar

• Drums

• Keyboard and Piano

• Amplifier (Guitar and Bass)

• Sound engineer

In many cases, musicians bring their own guitars

I have a business and I would like to advertise at your event. Who do I speak to?

Speak to Colin, Myles or Chris before the event via the Meetup messaging.

Is there food at Sazz ‘n’ Jazz ?

Yes, food is served all evening and its very good!

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