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Lock-down...for now. But that shouldn't stop musicians and music lovers from creating and collaborating. Do you want to meet hobbyist and seasoned musicians, producers and songwriters to network, create, produce in a friendly online-space?

Musicians in London is a Collective - a group for musicians, solo artists and producers who want to meet, play and collaborate with others from varied musical genres, experiment with ideas and sounds and participate in open mics and gigs. The purpose of this group is to build your community of musicians, create together and find others who may want to add their talents to your unfinished songs because ultimately music is built on collaborations.

We're doing online events and song collaborations at the moment, so join us on Zoom (everyone's welcome - at all levels).

We also host interactive podcasts where attendees can discuss with experts and producers/artists give talks and offer their advice based on their experience in the music industry today.

We're talking about how to adapt in this new landscape, but experimenting with tools to not just survive but thrive on the online music space - albeit temporarily.

We love to know a tiny bit about you, so when you become a new member don't forget to:

1. Fill in your profile with a genuine photo.

2. Tell us what instrument you play, or if you're a singer, producer, songwriter, MC, etc...

Thanks and see you soon,


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