What we're about

This is a London (UK) based brand new camping adventure group for Muslims. Join us if you want to get fit while enjoying yourself doing in any of the following:

Wild camping
Kayaking (canoeing)
Road Trips
Boat Trips!
Euro Traveling/ Backpacking
Fishing Day Trips
Mountain Climbing
and anything else you fancy.

Everyone from beginner to veteran are welcome!

I plan to do these trips a number times a year. The cost of the trips will be kept to a bear minimum to make it affordable for everyone. The aim isn't to make a profit, it's to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty of Allah's creation.

Join the group, trust me, you won't find something like this anywhere else!

Adventures Coming up (dates & costs not worked out yet):

- 3 day boat trip. We will live in the boat and trek coastal areas or riverbanks!
- 4 day trip to Austria/ Switzerland. Hike and camp in the beautiful alps!
- 3 day road trip to the highlands, stopping at various cities, and staying in hostels.
- 4 day trip doing the 3 peaks (UK). Climb the highest peaks of England, Scotland & Wales. Stay in huts.
- Impromptu trips throughout the year, including wild camping, water sports, hiking, walks etc.

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