What we're about

Alhamdullilah which means "Praises be to Allah(swt)" for coming together to this Muslim Entrepreneurs Singapore meetup group.

Who should join:

Business Entrepreneurs especially Muslim Business Owners regardless Business Size

Why should you join us?

Besides meeting of new people which can be thrilling and awkward at the same time, we will also be sharing small snippets of useful tips to better succeed in our business, insya-allah (God willing).

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us in our next meetup session.

What can you expect out of the group?

This group would not only be a place to enhance networking capability, it would also be a place to ask ourselves how we can bring more fun, of course in a halal way, in everything we do.


The rules of the meetup group are very simple; no spamming, no mass promotions and no pushy selling.

Get to know us first and of course, we want to know about you, too.

Now that you've read about what the group is about...
Could you do the following two steps as well?

STEP 1: Spread the word and invite other like minded Muslims Entrepreneurs to this group now.
STEP 2: Make Dua to Allah (swt) for the success of all Muslims.


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