What we're about


Who should join:

Muslim Small Business Owners, Muslim Startup Founders, Muslim Restaurant Owners, Muslim Doctors

Why should you join us?

I have created this group for Muslim Entrepreneurs to help the Ummah learn, create and scale their online business(es). "My life's goal is to help my ummah be financially free by running businesses with the power of internet and by freeing up time with technology and delegation to have more time for Family, Community activities, volunteering, learning Quran, and spreading the word through Da'wah." - Ahmed Muzammil

99% of the Muslims have no idea that they can start their own business to make lots of Halal income by using the power of the internet. And also to have more time by the use of technology and delegation. We are going to change all that Insh'Allah and help each other take their business to scale and beyond. Also to free up more time to concentrate on other important affairs.

What can you expect out of the group?

This group would be a collaborative effort where everyone's invited to share their successes and information that'd be valuable to other fellow business owners. In addition I'll also share my expertise every now and then.


The rules of the meetup group are very simple; no spamming, no promotions, no selling, no collecting leads of any kind, no MLM business owners, and finally no nonsense.

Now that you've read about what the group is about...
Could you do the following two steps as well?

STEP 1: Spread the word and invite other like minded Muslims Entrepreneurs to this group now.
STEP 2: Make Dua to Allah (swt) for the success of all Muslims.