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    For people who wish to meet other likeminded individuals who respect each other and would like to enjoy each other’s company. Who are participating members and like to engage and to make the most if meeting people. I am looking for enthusiastic people to join who understand and wish to have engaging conversations, be proactive as a group. Whether you are a professional or a person with ambitions or dreams. Or if you are successful and empowering, you would be an ideal role model for others to grow aswell.

    If you would like to share such qualities and share genuine long lasting friendships, to enjoy finer things in life and to meet other genuine, sophisticated people, that have etiquettes, are smart and just wish to meet others they can connect with.

    If you feel we are loosing our nurturing qualities in this fast world, our friendships and how we connect with other people is becoming superficial, how can we be happier as human beings if this continues. When we respect and nurture we learn and grow, let’s bring back them qualities. We can all learn from each other and grow further, by sharing our experiences and building lasting connections.

    Members welcome throughout uk, so I can plan things for people from all areas in the long run and with discussions with you all on the group I am sure we can arrange big meet ups so that we engage with real people that want to make a difference to the world.

    We all have energies around us, all too often we do not connect with energies of others that are positive and motivating for us, hence we do not get inspired. If the energy is positive we grow as people and a healthy friendship that is long lasting is part of healthy living.

    I look forward to welcoming you.


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