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Tribalism & Belonging
Hello LA, this week we will discuss “Tribalism” We have lived in tribes throughout history adding strength, trust, and support we get from our people and the feeling of threat and suspicion from outsiders. Our globally interconnected world has changed the dynamics of tribalism from our past. We will discuss the following questions: What would it take for you to sit down with someone you didn’t agree with and have a real conversation? How do we find connection in times of division? What tribes do you belong to? Think about tribes you belong to and the reason you are in these groups. How does it define your identity? Why is tribalism and our longing to belong in a tribe we can relate to so important to us? Can we harness the good of tribalism while rejecting the fear of outsiders? How can we trust one another and solve the global problems without division? How can we embrace disagreements and create a more inclusive, accepting, and co-existing tribe? How can we create meaningful interaction with family and friends during a gathering without a conflict? What purpose does our gatherings serve? What are the risks of broaching these issues? Lets talk about it! This discussion is inspired by the book “The art of gathering” by Priya Parker, and the podcast “Next door strangers” by Andrea Smardon.

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    What we're about

    The following are the main purpose for this group:

    1) Bring young and curious muslims together as a community to create meaningful discussions and relationships.
    2) Create a forum for younger muslim generation and single muslims who are looking for a life partner to find the right person in a non intimidating environment.
    3) Create a thriving muslim community outside of our mosques to bring about personal and social change in lives and expand our reach in community.

    This group is mainly created to bring together the younger generation of diverse muslims outside of the mosque in a respectful and social setting. For many muslims it can be difficult to find like minded people with similar values to create a social circle around. Meaningful discussions and conversations are an essential part of creating awareness of the society around us. And this platform can be a fun way to discuss pressing issues affecting our lives while having fun and exploring our beautiful surrounding. Growing a tree requires great amount of nurturing and time, and in the same manner in order to continue to grow in our community and solidify our values, we need to create and nurture a community where we can have meaningful discussions over things that matter in our lives today while having fun and creating lasting bonds.

    Additionally, growing up I have observed an immense dysfunction in our muslim community when it comes to marriage. There is no forum where like minded muslims can get together in a group to get to know one another without any stigma or stress of arrangement made by family or intimidation of meeting someone you just met on a dating website. I strongly believe the best way to find a life partner is to get out and socialize. Meeting new people in a casual and non intimidating environment can cultivate a feeling of easiness that will enable you to truly know the other person without any expectations or impediments. This group is the first of its kind, so it will also serve as a social experiment for the muslim community to try to find a solution for younger muslims seeking a compatible life partner. As oppose to the mundane family arrangement and interrogation methodology our ancestors used, I really think we can create a better solution for a very serious problem.

    With that said, any harassment claim would be taken seriously and you will be eliminated and blocked from the group right away. The primary purpose of the group is not to hook up but to create a social network and community of intellectual muslims. We do not encourage exchanging phone numbers or any other personal details with anyone in the group for your own safety and highly encourage use of the personal chat option on meetup as a primary source of contact until you really know and trust the person. If you are married we encourage that you attend with your partner as a fun activity together.

    We will arrange our first activity in the greater Los Angeles area when we have a group of at least 10-20 active members. At that point we will pick a location and post a topic for discussion during our meetup. If you have any suggestions for a fun activity, place, or an interesting topic to discuss, or would like to volunteer and assist in organizing meetups please feel free to send me a PM.

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