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What we’re about

Muslimish aims to create a safe, supportive, and open-minded environment that:
• facilitates exchange of thoughts and ideas among current and former Muslims
• fosters a pluralist society that respects the rights of all individuals to live according to their conscience
• strives to abolish blasphemy and apostasy laws across the globe

Who are we?
Ex-Muslims, and current Muslims interested in examining Islam from an non-doctrinaire, critical perspective.

What do we want?
To create a safe place for ex-Muslims and open-minded Muslims to exchange thoughts and ideas that we were taught to not talk about. To support each other and help each other deal with questions from our families and societies. To give irreligious people (atheists, deists, etc) in Muslim countries a voice, because they will suffer legal or extrajudicial violence and civil rights violations if they express their concerns there.

If you are a former or questioning/doubting Muslim in or around the Greater Boston Area, and this cause appeals to you, please click "Join this Group" to apply, and we will get back to you shortly after.

If you are a former or questioning/doubting Muslim not located in or within reach of Greater Boston, please visit the main website at, where you can look for your local chapter, or else find contact details to get in touch with the organization's central leadership.