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Many of us recognize that our culture’s established mindset of “What’s in it for me, at all costs and without consideration for humanity and Mother Nature” is neither satisfying us as individuals nor serving humanity. There is a longing for a shift in consciousness. As Buddhist monk and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh, puts it, “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.”

For most of us, that path of awakening has been strictly an individual journey. Most of our spiritual practices have a deep inward focus, and we’ve been taught that meditation is something we do quietly, in solitude and with our eyes closed. And while it’s important to awaken and develop individually . . . it can make us feel achingly alone – as if we have to carry the future all on our own. So instead of retreating within ourselves . . . to truly wake up from our separateness, we can turn toward each other to bring forth this new consciousness, together.

Mutual Awakening is an emergent, spiritual practice that's done together, speaking and with our eyes open. Unlike our solo journeys of transformation and enlightenment, we can't do this work alone. In this practice, our shared attention opens up a field of possibility between us - it literally awakens the space We are in. We feel an incredible sense of unity with each other, and we ignite a field that orchestrates movement in our individual and collective lives, opening us up to something beyond Self and Other.

At a time when everything destructive in the world is coming from the degree to which we “other” each other, this practice strengthens our capacity to be awake with/in a sustained consciousness of Unity.

Until recently, people have had to travel to New York City or San Francisco to experience this practice, but it's now being offering online in free introductory sessions, small group classes, and an ongoing, daily practice community.

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Oneness, A New Frontier: Accessing the living dimension of Mutual Awakening

With all of our advances in technology and networking, our strides in individual and organizational development … ever think: “shouldn’t we be further along by now?”

In the last decade we’ve seen remarkable breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, and yet sometimes it seems we are more restless, unsatiated, and lonely than ever. From our reality of individual separateness-es, creating a true sense of oneness, flow with others, or unity, is fleeting at best -- there’s not another trick you can learn or skill you can develop to tap into global mind or expanded unitive consciousness. A new frequency has to be downloaded, a new possibility...

That’s why we want to introduce you to an emergent, leading-edge spiritual practice called Mutual Awakening that actually supports our human need to connect with each other. This 21st century practice is the doorway to higher states of awareness, exciting discoveries of reality, and best of all -- you experience it with others.

The most highly evolved parts of the human brain and nervous system are wired for relatedness and engagement. And that’s what we actually need to tap into and cultivate in order for us all to move to the next phase of our evolution.

The true peace, harmony, and joy we long for, the relief we seek -- find it the interconnected realms of Mutual Awakening. We’ll see you there...

In this no-charge, 75 minute workshop, you’ll experience:
* * * What exactly the Mutual Awakening Practice is.
* * * What the ‘wheel of time’ is and why it’s important to move beyond our solo practices now.
* * * Understand what the ‘origination point’ is and how to directly access shared unity.
* * * Understand the larger evolutionary context for the importance of shared unity and mutual awakening.
* * * How the consciousness you develop through the Mutual Awakening Practice deepens and expands every dimension of your life, including:
* * * Shifting your consciousness into eyes open, flow states that allow you to function from unitive awareness.
* * * Directly and reliably accessing profound states of love and intimacy.
* * * Igniting creativity and confidence through increased capacity to let go of self-consciousness.
* * * Accessing directly the leading edge of evolution.

Your teacher Genevieve will reveal the new evolutionary potentials of consciousness and spiritual practice now available to humanity.
Register now -- click the zoom link before the event to sign up for this free event.

Genevieve will also reveal how you can engage the Mutual Awakening Practice to:
* * * Locate and connect to the deepest and most sacred dimension of yourself that is not your ego, your body, or the things you’ve accomplished, but is the source point from which your uniqueness flows into the world – in unity with others.
* * * Satisfy your inherent longing to be seen, met, and connect center to center with others in shared unity. Inside shared unity (or mutual awakening) we experience ‘being home’.
* * * Align with the highest evolutionary forces having the power to optimize our lives and move humanity to the next phase of evolution.

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