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This meetup is for entrepreneurs who want to start a business and looking for help or just network.

This meetup is also for skilled individual who wants to do just more than his 9 to 5 gig. You are working in the industry for some time now and you have some skills. You can't live off of someone's couch but fore sure you can help out a start up on your part time and do a meaningful contribution. Hone your skills, partner with others, bring a beautiful idea to life.

Game on !

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Top 20 Legal Mistakes by Startups and Small Business - expert talk

We all make mistakes but that's why you join IncBuilders so you learn from our experts not to make them. Our resident legal expert and honorary advisor/member at IncBuilders, Nancy Fallon-Houle has done all the work for you. She has worked with way too many startups in her 30 year career and she is happy to tell our community all the legal gotchas you need to be aware of if you are a startup or thinking about a startup. Nancy Fallon-Houle has been a business lawyer for 30 years. She owns "Velocity Law”, a small boutique business law firm of 1-1/2 employees, in Downers Grove, IL. Velocity Law represents entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and growth companies, in their business transactions, corporate law and securities law matters. Nancy handles: Business Formations Corporate Law and “corporate clean up” Business Transactions Contracts with Customers, Vendors and Industry Alliance Partners Shareholder Agreements, LLC Agreements, Partner Agreements Adding or Removing partners Selling the Business, or Buying another one Raising Capital, Investor Deal documents, and Securities law compliance

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