What we're about

They say that every dish has a story and story a chef and we will be looking to find new talent and also connect with upcoming chefs to discover their creativity, innovation and find out their story.

My Chef's Dining Club is a community of people that love to enjoy great food and drink and want to get to know the chefs.

We will be hosting a regular dining club where you can directly engage with the chefs and their brigade and taste their signature, most popular dishes or sample and help decide future dishes. The objective is to create a small but exclusive Dining Club as opposed to a large scale Supperclub.

Also, and to complement the gourmet theme further after a number of you suggested the idea, we will be hosting 4 Champagne Tasting events per year. Formats will vary according to the Sommelier in each- details will be listed per event.

2019 proves to be a GREAT year so, if you LOVE food, want to discover dishes and meet upcoming chefs whilst enjoying friendly company, then come JOIN US!

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