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Hey Everyone,

Happy belated New Year and/or Happy Chinese New Year! How are your New Year’s Resolutions working out? If you are like most people and the old me, then most of your resolutions are probably broken already. Lol. However, I will be restarting again with a new better, different game plan on Monday. I had a good 2018 and 2019 will be epic because of the expensive lessons that I had learned last year, my amazing new 7+ JV Partners, and these advanced creative groups to help you succeed!

What will be better and different? 1. This newly developed and enhanced group of the next “YVR StartUps 3.0” will be called “My Internet StartUps”. 2. The focus will be on the really serious internet entrepreneurs and professional business people, who are willing to take action, work smart, and accept responsibility for their results. We will help you to learn faster, change or reduce your bad habits, network with better quality people, develop strong business relationships for a longer period of time, and grow a successful 8 figures global enterprise.

This group is NOT for the weak, newbies/rookies who will just pitch their products and/or services, NO MLM and/or lame network marketing people, and NO lazy candy asses who constantly make up excuses.

We will have 2-3 events each month on up-to-date mindset techniques, desktop vs. mobile marketing, latest personal development strategies, social media, sales hacks, networking effectively, branding, collaborations, joint ventures, and unique mastermind sessions. Also you will learn how to increase the value of your business within 30 days, how to systemize, how you can make 1+1 = 11 in your business, and several other topics.

We are committed to helping the tech community grow exponentially through our connections, ideas, concepts, and strategies.

Please check out and join our other group (My Personal and Professional Development Groups) for more help too!

Cheers & In Gratitude,

Nathan Wong & My Internet StartUps’ Team

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