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If you're looking to tap into your creativity through art, music, drama, international languages, photography, chess, computer literacy, wellness, female empowerment, then this MeetUp is for you!! We conduct FREE, weekly, beginner level+ classes (daytime and evening) and can't wait to welcome you at our center!

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Tai Chi

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Benefits of Tai Chi These are some of the many potential benefits associated with the practice of Tai Chi: * This gentle martial art is well-known for its ability to help people deal better with stress. There are many types of mental and physical illness associated with excessive stress, so anything that is able to remedy this is to be welcomed. * It is an activity that can bring health benefits to people of all ages. This is why it is now so common to see elderly people practicing this activity in parks around the world. * Tai Chi is an effective form of self-defense. The individual will hopefully never have to use the techniques to defend themselves, but knowing that they have this ability increases self-esteem and confidence. * It increases muscle strength in all parts of the body. * Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance. This is particularly beneficial to people as they get older because it helps to prevent falls. * It can be an effective technique for improving pain management caused by various chronic conditions. * This activity is often described as a moving meditation. This means that the individual will benefit from many of the benefits of more traditional meditation such as improved mental health. * Regular practice can increase energy levels and make people more mentally alert.

Drawing and Painting class

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Do you like to draw but think you not good enough, this class is for you. Come and learn how to get beauty out


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all ages and levels


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Vocal and piano lessons

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Healthy way of Life

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