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Introducing and discussing the idea of the group, then going for a drink, maybe
Lets met the foyer of the Newtown Library (Park Ln, Newtown SY16 1EJ, and I have a feeling NOT IN ALABAMA in case your map says so!) I put my painting exhibition here every year, this time it is about the Paragon Quest. The Foyer has chairs and tables and it should be quiet after 5 pm. We can stay here or go for a drink in the nearby town center. Please don't worry if you can't make it, I hope to organize more events and they could be closer to you. Also hope to do more outdoor adventures when the weather is a bit better.

Newtown Library

Park Ln · Newtown

What we're about

What if you could become that hero you always wanted to be?

Would you like to find some companions for this Quest, friends who help each other to draw the roadmap?

This group is for you if you are genuinely interested in a few of the following topics:

friendly discussions, science fiction and fantasy (books, films, TV, games), digging up the meaning of life, hiking, improving oneself and one's life, meeting interesting people, sciences, business collaborations, exercise, space exploration, art, meaningful conversations, creativity, freedom, masterminds and brainstorming ideas, travel, good healthy life, photo walks, visiting movies, theaters, concerts, exhibitions.

Looking forward to see you around!

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