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My Sisters Keeper are women who want nothing more but to see their sisters succeed. We want to live a life of abundance and a need for nothing, but you just need that push your current homegirl cant give you. We all have gifts and purpose that can be used to help someone that looks just like you. Connect with a like minded sister who will hold you accountable to help accomplish your goals. How many years have you promised yourself to start that business, save 10k, go out on the dance floor and act a fool.( that last one was for me) The 9-5 worklife is for the dogs so lets get you set up to master your life through great conversation, the right referrals, monthly meetings, follow up texts and calls to move you forward. Together we can accomplish much more.

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Instagram and Branding, lets share what we know in order to grow!! FYI Event

Now Im not a fan of Social Media but if you want that coin you know you have to be in it to win. So I decided to start a page, which is work like im not already busy doing other things. There's no shortcut to it so i decided to purchase a few things like a Kim K filter, thats a joke im just being silly but if there is one please let me know. A small tripod and im just going to find the best natural lighting in my house or office God is providing for free. Originally I wanted to do this together so if anyone is attending the class on 7/7 you'll get a brief introduction to what i mean. So please share any tricks that can be used in the meantime, and if anyone is willing to do a short interview on your business for me to post, let me know. Im super excited to add another thing to my extremly long to do list. This is work, we all know it so lets curse, kick rocks, scream and get it done. Some ladies have shared their instagram page, I've viewed 52 of them so I will leave these tips and please share below. 1. Remove the clutter 2.Post what people dont know that should hook them 3.Your Caption is important, so be creative 4. Know when to post pictures and videos, theirs a science to it and I hated science so please dont ask me what it is lol. I only have an idea. Its all based on your audience. 5.Post ahead of time. Thats what I will have to do. During my downtime which is usually when im sick, sitting in the house ugly with no makeup, tired and just wanting to go to the range. Ugh my life!!! 6.Edit your photos and videos, In regards to your photos, please especially when you have a business page, limit that filter. Now without my makeup I look just like ODB from Wu Klan so I dont want sponsors to be surprised that i really dont look like Beyonce, just a dark skin version. We all have imperfections so flaunt them. Some of them will make you money. 7.If your trying to make money from your instagram in hopes a big corporation will pick you up, leave Sally Walker out of it. 8. This shit is work. Just know that and accept it. Sorry were not trust fund babies instead we are working on making trust fund babies. 9.Ask your accountability partner to send some informative information your way to share with others. Time is precious, sometimes I ask myself why in the world did i start a meetup group when i dont even have time to breath. Do what you can, it may not be perfect but you did it. 10.And engage, ignore the DM's asking what you doing tonight? If it aint Lebron or Curry ignore it. I know they are married just understand what im saying. 11.Have fun even though your probably really not. Unfortunately it is what it is, a struggle to make it and keep it. You got this!! Im to tired to re-read for gramatical errors so just read between the lines and ignore my errors.

Celebrating Your Accountability Partner

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There is nothing more than having an accounability partner to keep you going. This is the person who is going to check on you, not just to make sure your safe but to make sure that your on point with your goals, your mental well being and that you are doing what you said you are going to do. Some ladies dont have that thats why this group was created but for those who do I am asking that you have them join. This will allow you to get the most from the group. You cant always do it alone, and you can and will get further if you have the right accountability partner along with your team. Life gets busy and even when you arent busy your busy doing nothing so you still dont get anything done. Your partner needs to be the one to keep you going and visa versa. Hey SH%T happens but not for too long. Lets bring your accountability partner to the forefront as we celebrate our accomplishments and tell them what you couldn't do if it wasn't for them. For those who arent accustomed to certain practices tell them now, right after your finish reading this that you need help with: 1. Feeding you daily journal with your thoughts, progress, disappointments and personal aspirations. 2. Practice Meditation and gratitude 3. Drag your partner to a networking event and introduce yourself to at least 10 people. We will do this challenge In September at the Sisters In Business Expo. Make sure to have your business cards especially with your face on it thats another way for people to remember you. 4. Take an evening together to make a vision board. Have some wine and check each others board out. Especially the women who are bringing their best friend forward. She knows when you bullshitting lol. Have a laugh and keep the momentum. 5. I hate the word budget but hey, we aren't trust fund babies so we are on the path of making and raising trust fund babies. She knows your weakness and will help keep your overspending in check, reminding you to take a look at that vision board ya'll created in each other presence.

Becoming Unfuckwithable

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Unfuckwithable is when your at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bother you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. Your paving your way and making opportunites instead of waiting for someone else to give it to you. Build your own doors and knock them off. What you believe is what matters to you, Its an attitude which we all need to have or create so join the Unfuckwithable Crew on a year long journey of designing your life. There's no one else like you, hold that and believe it because there isnt. It may sound cocky but hey God chose you. So lets toast to becoming clear on your new path to making new waves not just for 2020 but for the rest of your life. You've been wanting to make new friends and to hustle and learn from women who want more in life. Well we are here and hopefully you'll be able to attend. We will share what we know, encourage and guide, Learn how to naturally heal and bounce back up and start living with authority. Finally you can start doing things differently in order to get ahead. Learn from those who have been there and how they have successfully work thru it. Enjoy the afternoon with some real ones and leave out with a new sense of life and beginnings.

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