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Denver, CO

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Jun 7, 2012


Greetings. I'm currently a senior software developer at Warballoon and have been working in the games industry since 2006. I'm always interested in meeting new people and talking about games.

What game development project are you currently working on?

By day I'm writing code for Star Command: Galaxies. By night I'm tinkering on a handful of board games, card games, and RPGs.

What aspect of indie games most excites you?

The enthusiasm, creativity, and adventurousness resulting from ever-lowering barriers to game development.

What's your favorite indie game evar?

Scorched Earth by Wendell Hicken

What's your area of development expertise (coder, artist, designer, general developer, tester etc.)?

Primarily C#/Unity programmer, team leader, and project manager. Wannabe designer.