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What we’re about

My Community's Keeper is a group of people Stepping Up and Doing Something about positive and negative issues that affect African American's lives and well being, in communities near and far. This group is open to males and females of all ages and races. The main focus of our group is to build strong communities and relationships to swiftly and properly address injustices and celebrations as a supportive group. We will create safe spaces for the community to express issues that affect African Americans and other communities that experience injustices or ignored celebrations in that community.

Our mission is to help empower African Americans in finding resolutions and solutions in solving issues in African American communities, schools, jails, families, homes, businesses, jobs, etc...... My Community's Keeper will work to better all people and learn how to give and get help from other people from different races, religions and backgrounds. 

We will be seeking to improve all lives while building a Strong African American Community that empowers all.  My Community's Keeper, is the Soul, Strength and Support of a Grassroots non-profit organization called Step Up And Do Something! Inc. ( Our goal is to provide resources and support for African Americans through tons of hubs throughout different communities.  The resources and information that help support and empower African Americans in a positive way, will be the programs and projects we develop for Step Up and Do Something, Inc. 

Please join us and start a program or project under the 501c3 nonprofit and help reshape our communities the way we want them.  Training on how to start your own non-profit sponsored by Step Up and Do Something and Grant Writing is on the last Saturday of each month from 4pm to 6pm at Hillview Library, 1600 Hopkins Drive, San Jose  CA. 95122.  Please RSVP and let us know what community resources you would like in our communities or which project or program you would like to develop and run as a non-profit Step! to Step Up and Do Something! Inc.

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