MyData Ljubljana - Slovenia Summer Meetup

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“Reclaim your data, reclaim freedom” was echoing through their minds, as they set out to make a privacy preserving ecological momentary assessment mobile phone app.

- Sara Jakša : u-Experience personal data collection app
- Gregor Žavcer: Fair Data Principles and its relationship with MyData
- Črt Ahlin: About data Consent Receipts - how they protect you

Sara Jakša will present the workings of the open source u-Experience app. Feedback from the audience is welcome, especially from researchers and those keen on Quantified self and self-logging.

u-Experience ( is a personal data collection system that uses mobile phones to collect experiential data, complemented with multimedia and GPS data. The main goal is to develop ecologically valid environment that enables researchers to create and deploy customised experience sampling research protocols, optimise researchers’ time and allow an in-depth understanding of phenomenological processes while providing research participants with insights into their experiential landscape.

Gregor Žavcer will talk about current state of affairs in the personal data landscape and why we need to establish Fair Data Principles to guide us through the rough terrain and achieve the goals set out by MyData.

Črt Ahlin will present how you can keep a record of your given consent and the work done in the field of consent receipts by Datafund - receipts for you personal data.

Afterwards, there will be time to socialize and chat.

Anyone interested in personal data related topics should attend!

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