Mydbops Database Meetup - 4


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Event Agenda and Speaker info

09:00 AM - Registration

09:15 AM - Keynote Presentation by Sagar Birla ( Zenefits )

How Zenefits, have tweaked AWS SWF service to be used as a queuing mechanism. And what were the challenges (and solutions) that Zenefits faced during deployment on our swf fleet.

Sagar Birla - Working in Devops field for past 4 years prior to that he has started his career with Oracle as Member of technical Staff. Loves to live in linux and AWS world.

09:30 AM - InnoDB scalability improvements in MySQL 8.0 - Karthik P R ( CEO / Founder Mydbops )

InnoDB has become the prominent engine in MySQL 8.0 and has good perfromance tweaks in its WAL logs or redo logs. This talk will focus on the major improvements made in InnoDB internals.

Karthik P R is the Founder of Mydbops. He has a decade experience with database systems. He has consulted and designed a few large scale MySQL infra's. His core expertise revolves around InnoDB and HA Solutions in MySQL. Currently he mentors and trains the young minds at Mydbops.

10:10 AM - Using ZFS File System with MySQL 'to fork Production DB to DevOps on Demand' - Bajrang Panigrahi ( Sr DBA Zenefits )

With the increasing requirements of frequent application version iterations, DBAs are often requested to provide/generate DB’s with the most recent data for development/operations. Building a slave of production is one option, given this slave will have writes, it is going to break the replication from the master. MySQL on ZFS can take a snapshot at the file system level and reset the MySQL clone for every fresh data request. Will be Presenting the solution as below :

*Features of ZFS
*Setting up MySQL on ZFS with incremental snapshots
*Fork the on-demand dev/ops DB through Cloning ZFS

Bajrang Panigrahi - Working as a Sr.DBA since past 6+ years, currently he is with Zenefits. He is an expert on open-source RDBMS and NoSQL Databases, worked on large scale datasets close to 8 PB, have driven complex business-critical migration projects on MySQL, Postgres and NoSQL solutions, played as key member responsible for ensuring the security, monitoring, scalability/reliability and HA of DB Infra.
I love to have a cappuccino and hear to soft music on my leisures. :)

10:50 AM - High Tea/Networking

11:00 AM - What is new in Galera 4 ? - Aakash ( DBA Mydbops )

Galera is a more reliable clustering solution for InnoDB. Galera 4 has came with a list of astonishing features like much awaited huge transaction support , non locking DDL and others. Galera 4 is integrated in MariaDB 10.4 and PXC 8 will have it soon.

Aakash is a Rookie DBA's from Mydbops. He is passionate on MySQL and its related technologies. He handled DB migration of 14 TB in size and Galera clusters of 3TB in size. His key focus is on MySQL Performance and Solutions on MySQL. He is an active blogger too.

11:40 AM - MongoDB Sharded Cluster - How to design your topology ? - Vinodh Krishnaswamy ( Percona Support Engineer )

MongoDB Sharded Cluster is very well established to handle the huge data and also load across geographically. Sharding the data across the shards evenly or specific to region / data centres based on the application requests are important. But sometimes the sharded cluster setup is not well designed which leads for data distributed improperly across shards and so the application fails to serve the request within desired turnaround time. In this talk, we will see how to design your Shared Cluster topology to make most out of it.

Vinodh Krishnaswamy is a member of Support Team at Percona. Prior to joining Percona, he worked as a MySQL and MongoDB DBA in many companies such as iGate, Datavail, Sify Ltd. He is a trainer, speaker and has provided training programs, webinars and talks on MySQL and MongoDB. He enjoys writing Shell script and loves driving, reading books, and playing table tennis.

12:30 PM - Networking