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Mystic Portals Academy offers a wide variety of metaphysical talks & training's for those folks being called to raise their consciousness and healing abilities.

Offerings include Shamanic Practices and Ceremonies; Energy Work education and training's for healing modalities; Psychic Development; Community Chat's; Fire Ceremonies; Despacho Ceremonies; Metaphysical Arts; Oracle Card trainings; Space Clearing Tips & Tricks; Essential Oils; EFT Tapping; Empath trainings; Aura work; Pendulums & Grids and all things metaphysical.

I offer a safe place and a beautiful and supportive community where you can come to learn, play and manifest! I love input and 'asks' from the community, if there is something you want to learn, please let me know - classes are designed with my community in mind!

Energy work 'opens the doors to the invisible matrix of wisdom where everything is intertwined, where every though we have impacts every cell in our body and molecule in the cosmos'...... Villoldo

Amen, A'ho, and so it is!

Please watch the calendar and postings for event information!

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Practice Readings on-line in the Zoom Room

Needs a location

We had such a great time the other night practicing our psychic reading on-line! Thanks to those that attended! Let's do it again! This is a series of on-line supportive practice classes designed for readers at all levels to gain experience and build your confidence in a positive and supportive environment! Please be on time! Message me your email so I can send an event invitation! We will start with a short orientation and then move to our rooms to do 1:1 reading with each other. Please note that although this class has been set up for readers of all levels - this is NOT a class to actually teach the skills we use for readings. Those classes are hosted by Mystic Portals Academy and are held on the second Monday of each month. Also note, these are prop free reading exercises, so I do not suggest Tarot readings, etc. BUT, if you are reading cards, then you can do 1:1 reading without the cards - you really can! Time to stretch your skills! These first events are free - I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Zoom Room!

SKILL STRETCH - Let's practice our psychometry and clairgustance skills!

PLEASE NOTE, THIS CLASS IS CROSS-POSTED. PLEASE RSVP THROUGH MY PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT GROUP! Whats up: Let's practice our psychometry and clairgustance skills. Using your psychic skills to connect with information when touching inanimate objects and using your sense of taste. Bring your lovely selves and - * a notepad * a personal item of your choice that has meaning or a feeling surrounding it, like a gift from a loved one, and wedding ring, etc..... Important - please keep this item hidden and show it only to me!!! Looking forward to working with you! (a note from me, if you are enjoying this class, please take a moment to rate it, i would appreciate it! - Love and light -Marion)

Psychic Fair

Historic Peralta House

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, June 22 from noon - 5 pm and join us at our first annual Psychic Fair in San Leandro. You won't want to miss this! The event will be held at the Historic Peralta House and free tours of the house will be available. Many vendors have been invited - psychics, card readings, aura photography, crystals, wands, and other metaphysical items will be available for sale. Free pop-in classes will be held on the hour! More information will be shared when I have a complete vendor list. If you are interested in being a vendor, please contact me!

Psychic Intuitive Training and Support Group - Reading Auras With Your Clairs

Would you like to be able to read auras? In this month's class you will learn how to tap into and read aura's using your different clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, & claircognizance). Instead of focusing on seeing the aura with only your physical eyes, you will also learn how to read it with your psychic senses. This will give you even more in-depth information than just what you see. I co-facilitate the PSYCHIC INTUITIVE READINGS & SUPPORT meet-up group with Felicity Doyle Kelty on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm. Felicity will be moving out of the state soon and this will be her last teaching class for the current Psychic Development group. We wish her well!!! AND look forward to seeing the great things she's up to in the future! For this class ONLY, please rsvp to: PSYCHIC INTUITIVE READINGS & SUPPORT, so we do not have duplicate members and rsvp's. These classes have an attendance cap so we can focus on continuing support. I will be taking over the group in March.

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