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This group is for those looking for more meaningful life and spiritual excellence. We will deeply examine the core of the human experience, both on a personal and collective level. We will learn the secrets of the spiritual power to reach fulfillment. Many of us are at the crossroads of our spiritual development. You may be ready to step in to the fullness of the promise that drew you onto the spiritual journey originally. This is training for the 'new humanity'.

In Mystical Training we will engage in psychic development, shamanism, metaphysics, energy work, healing. This is a specialized training for these unique times. It is designed to be aligned with the new charged potential that has emerged in the world.

The Training will be based on but not limited to my spiritual work over many years. To know more visit: http://www.TheDesertAwakening.com

The intention of Mystical Training is to provide an effictive, meaningful, personalized training that will allow you to actualize your spiritual gifts in the real world. This training will illuminate your own process toword self mastery and power.

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Webinar - It's Time to Emerge with Michael Dove

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Mitote of the Awakened Destiny With Michael Dove

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The Renaissance Project

The Renaissance Project

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