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Internal Arts and Guided Meditation with Aaron
• What we'll do .... We gather around wisdom teachings and explore esoteric practices to expand our spiritual awareness and develop the ability to transform the things in our selves that no longer serve our higher us. At Mystic Yoga you will be exposed to philosophy and techniques that will directly create openings in your consciousness that deepen: your understanding of the natural universe, your relationship with humanity, and with Spirit (Heavenly Father, Creator, Higher Power, etc.) • What to bring Cushion to sit on, yoga mat, shawl or blanket, and water • Important to know Class cost $20.. Unlimited class memberships are 50% off for a limited time.

Mystic Yoga

13961 US Highway 1 · Juno Beach , FL

What we're about

Fitness, Spirituality, Education, Community, and Fun!!

The Mystical Human Yoga School is an evolution in education and training designed to uplift human consciousness! You will need work out clothes, yoga mat, towel, water, snacks, and $25.

The training is intuitively guided by Aaronanda and will possibly include:

Dynamic Energetic Warmup
Disciplined Breathing exercises
Dao Yin Yoga
Light Body Activation (hybrid yoga, chi kung, shamanic standing prayer)
Spiritual Teachings
Thai Massage
and other powerful practices...

All levels are welcome!

What to expect? To feel amazing and to be so glad you attended and want everyday to be mystical tuesday!!


Mystical Human System Overview

Part of the human predicament is that we have forgotten how to truly relax. Stress is rampant and over 90% of our population are experiencing it. If we are stressed or remain un-easy for long enough we become dis-eased, dis-functional, and dis-connected from nature, humanity, and spirit. Dao Yin is anti-stress medicine!! It will help you to find total surrendered relaxation. You will systematically melt through layers of tension that have built up in the physical body, energy body, and mind. Through practice and study of Dao Yin you will develop internal skills and sensitivity to quickly remedy and transform your stress into vitality! Learning to break the stress cycle and recharge your deep energetic reservoirs will greatly increase your quality of life and will take you to the next level on your spiritual path!!

Yin energy comes from the earth! In Dao Yin we learn how to root to the earth aligning our physically body with gravity and finding integrity in our structure. We also learn to surrender to gravity in specific postures or alignments. One of the challenges is to be with yourself even in an uncomfortable position and to learning to let go and not be mentally and emotionally reactive, but instead to cultivate peacefulness and an inner smile. Through grounding our awareness into the body and down into the earth we begin to activate the inherent intelligence within our selves (intuition and instinct) that knows how to perfectly guide the practice and maintain the entire human system.

There are skills you can learn that will help you to navigate your path more gracefully. One of which is to expand your inner being and create an energy shield! Many Yogis have awakened enough to become sensitive to other peoples energy. This is a form of empathy, but without enough root and shield energy we suffer other peoples negative vibes!! I have created an entire esoteric curriculum called Mystical Human to help educate and train those who are interested in actualizing their highest potential!! Through the Mystical Human training you will learn all of these skills and more!!

After through training in Dao Yin you will be taught how to work with yang energy. The second level of training is the light body activation and involves ecstatic posturing, concentration, energy work, breathing techniques, and an understanding of heaven and earth energies and how they flow through the body! Eventually the standing practice evolves into chi walking and running! Chi running is running with a fully expanded energy body, the mind must be fully absorbed in the practice and the practitioner learns to circulate energy in and around the body and between heaven and earth. This also helps the practitioner to be more efficient at venting excess heat and moving stagnate energy out of the system.

The third stage of the Mystical Human training system primarily involves seated meditation. The Yin and Yang energy (or Hatha = Sun and Moon) are balanced and expanded. The awareness is turned toward the subjective reality or consciousness that is the foundation and ground of Being! There are many techniques that are utilized to fine tune the body/mind complex and to prepare our selves for a more graceful entry into the inner world. In meditation the mind is emptied and subtilized which is a mental fast and purification. This purification allows us to become more sensitive to the subtle energy of our inner being and begin attaining a deeper level of awareness and understanding of the inner workings of our self! The mind is strengthened through one pointed focus and is transcended through letting go! We practice both and there is philosophy and there are techniques utilized to guide the inward journey.

The goal of the outer teacher is to connect you with the inner guide. From there the system is put aside and infinite intelligence will guide you the rest of the way!!

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