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McKinney Texas Networking
$5 for breakfast, weekly events including social media training, TED Talks, networking, and annual community service projects.

Hampton Inn & Suites

2008 N. Central Expressway · McKinney, TX

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Mckinney N. Collin Netweavers was modeled after other successful Netweaver groups in the DFW area. The approach is very unique in that this is not a for-profit organization putting these together, but simply professionals who wish to truly network their businesses and contacts together to benefit others.

When you walk in the door, you are not "pressured" to bring leads with you. We believe that as you get to know others in the group referrals and business will happen organically. The real strength of the group is in the 1-1 meetings we encourage between members/guests. We really emphasize getting to know each other's businesses and after-hours interests and needs. This way if someone needs a chiropractor, personal trainer, golf instructor, yoga instructor, carpet cleaner, moving company, etc those needs will be met just as readily as if they need a printer, CPA, attorney, merchant account provider, security system or marketing consultant for their business needs.

If this all sounds "too good to be true," it is...but it also works! Imagine instead of making 60 sales in the room (from the attendees) having in essence 60 new sales people who know you and LIKE YOU going out to talk about your business to their co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, etc. THAT is the power of netWEAVING vs. simply networking.

Space is limited each week, so RSVP's are VERY important. Also important is "consistency" in attendance. We need to see you to get to know you. Also, as people qualify for membership, their professional position becomes "exclusive" in the group. So once "a" dentist has qualified and been voted in, they become the "only" dentist in the room, for example. Point being for those in competitive industries, better to get involved earlier-on than later-on. Current "Exclusive" professions now include the following:

*Website Design/Internet Branding

* Personal & Commercial Insurance




*Residential Realtor


*Business/Life Coach

*CPA / Accounting

*Financial Planner / Life Insurance

*(Please contact the members of these categories if you would
like to bring a guest within their category. The member that currently holds that position has the ability to decide if another attendee can visit the group)

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