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This group is for married or committed couples interested in hiking, camping, kayaking, travel, etc.. All skills levels are welcome. The purpose of this group is to build friendships along the way with other couples who enjoy outdoor activities. Everyone is encouraged to make suggestions and throw out ideas for future activities, trips, and adventures! We are looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody. New England, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and beyond.

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Save the Constitution - VOTE

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Today is a sad day for the United States of America. The Constitution has lost it’s Checks and Balance, by Republican Senators blocking the truth from We the People. In doing so, our government no longer has integrity or values honesty. The Constitution has become a meaningless piece of paper. All future Presidents will be above the Rule of Law, unless We the People remove these Senators that failed to honor their Oath of Office.

Looking for event suggestions and dates
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Needs a location

Do you have a favorite place to hike or paddle ? We are looking for event suggestions and event hosts. Lets talk it up and get out there.

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Hike Mount Wachusett - Masks required

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area

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