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Have you had a spiritual experience? Looking for a deeper understanding of who you are and your life’s purpose?

Eckankar offers answers. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.

Spiritual experiences may include dreams, inner guidance, déjà vu, knowingness, coincidences, out-of-body adventures, or having a sense that you have lived before. Open yourself to more love, joy, and wisdom by exploring and understanding life from a spiritual perspective.

We are an open, friendly spiritual community for people of all faiths. Explore your deepest spiritual questions, and meet people of like mind and heart.

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Shining Your Light as Soul - 2019 ECK Springtime Seminar

Hilton Minneapolis

“Spiritual enlightenment and illumination come as we have contact with the Light and Sound of God. Sing HU, and you will find the Light and Sound within you.” —Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 26 You are warmly invited to the illuminating experience of the 2019 ECK Springtime Seminar, a three-day seminar, April 19–21, 2019, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An ECK seminar is a celebration of like-minded people, each taking the next step in their personal spiritual journey. Enjoy a wide variety of roundtable discussions, dynamic workshops, insightful talks, and original creative arts performances, as you focus on the miracles of Divine Spirit in your life and explore the ancient spiritual principles and tools of the teachings of Eckankar. What would it be like to experience three days of spiritual adventure, love, and joy? View this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuKtn7Vbzjo&t=2s and enjoy a “front-row seat” at a major Eckankar seminar. This slide show celebrates the 2017 ECK Worldwide Seminar, presented by Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. Some of the highlights of the upcoming seminar include: Ÿ Inspiring workshops, including “Unlocking the Spiritual Truth in Your Dreams,” “The Path to Self-Realization: A Look into the Mirror,” and “How to Create a Wonderful Life—Here and Now.” Ÿ Special events for those new to Eckankar, including a workshop and discussion titled “The Call of Soul.” Explore your own experiences, and ask questions about the spiritual teachings of Eckankar in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Ÿ The opportunity to tour the beautiful Temple of ECK, walk the contemplation trails, and attend special Temple events on Thursday. Ÿ Creative and fun spiritual programs for families and youth ages 5–17, as well as a Parent Room for those with children under 5. The main highlight of the seminar is the Saturday-evening talk and down-to-earth wisdom of Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual teacher, guide, and leader of Eckankar, also known as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Recognized as a pioneer of “everyday spirituality,” Sri Harold Klemp is known for his sense of humor, parables, and practical approach to the spiritual life. For more information or to preregister, feel free to visit www.ECKseminars.org. Hope you can come!

Experience the Sound of Soul

Door County Library

Join us and experience the Sound of Soul. Discover your inner guidance, healing for body, mind, and spirit, and a higher form of creativity by chanting the sacred sound of HU. Spiritual discussion and light refreshments afterward. HU, a sacred name for God, can uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life. You’re invited to chant HU, contemplate for a few minutes, and then enjoy spiritual conversation with others of like heart. Experience some of the many benefits of HU: • Inner peace and calm • Divine love • Expanded awareness • Spiritual self-discovery and growth • Healing of the heart “Love is love. And you are that. HU is the Sound of Soul.” —Sri Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul TheSoundofSoul.org (http://thesoundofsoul.org/) (http://www.TheSoundofSoul.org (http://www.thesoundofsoul.org/))

Deepening Your Inner Connection with Spirit (ECK Light and Sound Service)

Fox Crossing Community Center

Join with people from all walks of life to learn more about living in harmony with Divine Spirit. The ECK Light and Sound Service includes a reading from the ECK works, a HU Song*, and often features talks, personal stories, music, and small group discussions on spiritual principles at work in our daily lives. The service lasts for about an hour with fellowship and light refreshments following. The reading for the service is: “Learn to go inside yourself, because this is the source of all truth. There are a lot of holy temples out here, but the most sacred of all is the temple inside you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God.” —Harold Klemp, Spiritual Experiences Guidebook, p. 5 Bring your stories! Bring your family! Bring a friend! *The song of HU can open one's heart to the love of God. Anyone can benefit from this song of spiritual love regardless of age, background, or religion. Please check this meetup site for cancellations due to weather events. Your safety is important to us.

Inner Guidance


Do you believe you are guided by an Inner Master, angel, or spiritual guide? Are you looking for divine guidance or protection? Are you interested in learning how to listen to the Voice of God, attune to your true self, work with your inner guidance, and benefit from dreams, waking dreams, and Golden-tongued Wisdom? Would you like to tap into your divinely inspired creativity to solve problems? Are you looking for answers? You’re invited to come & share experiences with friendly, like-minded people! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! ALL FAITHS/SPIRITUAL PATHS ARE WELCOME AND RESPECTED. It is not necessary to become a member of this Meetup to attend. Sponsored by Wisconsin Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar.

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Experience the Sound of Soul

Goodwill Community Room

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