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Hello Cuddle Brothers,

The intention of this Meetup is to provide a safe, structured, and platonic environment for men to experience what I call "the three As"; Acceptance, Affirmation and Affection. (The Affection intrinsically "anchors" the first two As.)

We establish "safe touch" boundries, and only allow non-sexual cuddling. Cuddling never takes place on a bed (see below). Men may want to cuddle for many reasons, including to help heal past sexual abuse. If touch boundaries are not honored by all men, it can be damaging to the emotional or psychological health of other men. Cuddling is never done on a bed.

You are invited to participate regardless of your religious beliefs, marital status, or sexual orientation. Please note: due to the cuddling style (see below) men with back or knee injuries, or those suffering from obesity may find it difficult to fully participate.)

Please note: Participants may experience some level or arousal during cuddling. This is completely normal. We're all guys...we just ignore it. There is no shame here!

WHAT TO EXPECT: 6:45: We will accept your donation at the door. Make name tags. Sit down, settle in and relax.
7:00: The cuddle session rules and guidelines will be read. Each man will agree to follow the rules and to treat all that is communicated, both verbally and through touch as confidential.
7:10: Participants check in with their name as we form a “welcome huddle”.
7:15: First step to therapeutic cuddling. 1:1 time. Partners will switch out with other men in 15 minute intervals.
8:00 - 9:00: Structured group holding and cuddling, often “puppy pile” style.
9:00: Check-out “huddle”.

YOUR FIRST STEP TO CUDDLING; Holding a man "motorcycle style":
Two or three men can participate. One of the men, the "holder", sits on a pillow on the floor with his back against a wall or sofa. The 2nd man; the one being held, sits in front of the holder facing forward so his back rests on the holder's chest, his head on the shoulder. The holder will embrace the man around the chest and in time, may be asked for additional forms of affection such as hand holding, hair or beard stroking, back rubbing, hand massages, etc. This holding style makes way for group cuddling which may include spooning, just lounging on each other or forming a "cuddle train". Some guys may want to cuddle with a man who may carry the energy of a loving father, a brother, or the jock who may not have affirmed them in high school. Other men may choose NOT to cuddle someone who reminds them of, for instance, their abusive teacher, uncle or a childhood bully.

As the evening draws to a close, the group joins in a huddle circle and each man would choose a word of personal affirmation to share as a man among men.

You must be 18 or older to attend this meetup.

1. Your donation will be accepted. Thank you!
2. If you are observed to be "under the influence..." you cannot participate. You will be asked to leave.
3. You must be hygienically sound. Shower or freshen-up before meetings.
4. Please be on time.
5. Participants remain fully clothed at all times (wear comfortable clothes)
6. Your tears and laughter are welcome.

If you a are experiencing significant psychological or emotional health issues, cuddling could help, but is not intended to replace professional care by a certified counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

For the safety of you and others, we reserve the right to refuse anyone to either join the group and/or attend Meetups. Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to your reply and getting to know you!

TJ & Scott

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