• Consciousness Hacking: Lucid Dreaming Workshop With Thomas Peisel

    https://youtu.be/Y_rPteHR010 Greetings Consciousness Hackers! Gear up for our first event of the summer, in only two weeks! We will be having an intimate evening at Indy Hall to discuss all things Consciousness Hacking. In particular, Lucid Dreaming. Thomas Peisel, author of A Field Guide To Lucid Dreaming, will be coming down from NYC for a workshop. He is a lifelong practitioner and over the years has developed many techniques and will share these all. It will be a great evening!

  • Fringe With Benefits: Cabaret 420


    Fringe With Benefits: Cabaret 420, featuring John Jarboe of The Bearded Ladies Join FringeAxis for a high time benefiting the Young Friends of FringeArts! The event will feature a one-hour open bar, munchies, and networking opportunities with other young professionals invested in the progressive arts & culture of Philadelphia. Interested in getting more involved in Philly art & culture? Come out to the FringeArts. FringeArts presents world-class, contemporary performing arts that challenge convention and inspire new ways of thinking. Tickets: $30 for FringeAxis Members $60 General Admission (includes FringeAxis Membership!) https://pafringe.secure.force.com/ticket/#sections_a0F[masked]MFTprEAH FringeAxis Members receive: • Exclusive members-only networking Happy Hours at La Peg, the restaurant at FringeArts. • Members-only access to special events such as opportunities to meet artists and attend free or discounted performances at FringeArts • VIP early access to special discounts and events at La Peg and FringeArts • 30% off all FringeArts shows • Two free drinks at La Peg per event https://www.facebook.com/events/1150845541692892/ (Art by Rose Muller - instagram.com/rosemuller_illustration/)

  • Consciousness Hacking Philly streams Consciousness Hacking SF: Ken Wilber

    Hey there Folks! We're gearing up for our next meetup, a live stream event of a discussion with Ken Wilber coming out of Consciousness Hacking San Fransisco! There will be an opportunity to pose questions live! Ken Wilber is a sort of wisdom maestro whose body of work is the Integral Philosophy. Neat stuff. He is coming to Consciousness Hacking to have a discussion about the future of technology and wisdom and the interplay between the two. Event link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ken-wilber-integral-technology-tickets-25986265620 Awesome stuff! We may have an activity beforehand, and the talk will start at 10 pm our (est) time! See you there! There will potentially be an activity beforehand. Check out this nice graphic below, it's pretty cool when you scroll over it. Event link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ken-wilber-integral-technology-tickets-25986265620

  • Bamboowifi N3rd Street Wi-Fi Network Launch Tour

    http://2016.phillytechweek.com/events/bamboowifi_n3rd_street_wi-fi_network_launch_tour At the launch, we’ll welcome free Wi-Fi to N3rd Street. Visitors can log onto and tour the network, meet the creators, and have their picture taken with the Bamboowifi panda. Bamboowifi is improving internet access in Philadelphia by providing “Free Neighborhood Wi-Fi.” We provide seamless Wi-Fi access to your entire neighborhood, so you can stay connected at home and on the go, without having to log in more than once. Free internet access is made possible through short video advertisements. The N3rd Street Network is the first step in bringing Free Neighborhood Wi-Fi to all of Philadelphia, and was made possible through the help of multiple community supporters including the Penn Treaty Special Services District, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association, Jarvus Innovations, and Bamboowifi. Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device will be able to access the network free of charge. Guests will simply click on the “Bamboowifi” option in their Wi-Fi settings, watch a short video explaining the network, and then have full access to the internet. The event is free and open to the public, and will take place rain or shine.

  • PTW Mindful Startups & Professionals: How leaders unplug to boost capacity

    Join us for a panelist event where we local business leaders talk about how meditation has augmented our life quality and work ability. On our panel will be: Moderated by Joshua Ehrig, Professor of Practice at Lehigh University Due Quach, CEO of Calm Clarity Jake Stein, COO and Founder of RJ Metrics Matt Zumwalt, Meditation Facilitator, Open Source Lead Developer, and Data Scientist Grant Hartman from Chariot Solutions Benjamin Bock, Founder of bbock.co and Evangelist for FaceCrunch.com Jim F. Lockwood, Co-Founder of The Lockwood Group LLC That's not all. We will also have a quick guided meditation before the panel, after networking, and EXCELLENT FOOD! This event is in conjunction with CandiDate: CandiDatephilly.com!

  • **POSTPONED** #PTW16 Cinco De Mayo Block Party

    The Piazza & Liberties Walk

    **POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER** Original event link: http://www.meetup.com/phillyjunto/events/229924610/ On Thursday, May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo, The Philly Junto and N3rd Street are partnering up to present Philly’s first ever Community Block Party at The Piazza! More than 60 carefully curated tech companies, restaurants, businesses, and bars will be showing off some of their goods for the entire community to see. There will be tables and demos throughout the entire day. Join us and the community for a block party spanning from Liberties Walk all the way to The Piazza. Have fun, talk to fellow businesses, grab some drinks, and join us at the end of the night for movie night on the Jumbotron! RSVP for access to drink specials, discounts, and more! Stay tuned for more information, see you there! This is a proud part of Philly Tech Week 2016 presented by Comcast.

  • Delaware River Cleanup

    Penn Treaty Park

    Original event link: unitedbyblue.com/penntreatymay Do you love seeing a litter-free Fishtown? How about free snacks and beer? If any of these ring true for you, join us and United by Blue on Tuesday May 3rd, for an after-work cleanup of the Delaware River at Penn Treaty Park. Since this area is used frequently, it can often be littered with a string of styrofoam pieces, plastic bottles, tires, and whatever else gets carried downstream on the Delaware or left there. Help preserve this local waterway and urban sanctuary. United by Blue will provide water, bags, supplies, and gloves, and cleanup snacks will be provided to all volunteers courtesy of The Living Room Cafe. Did we mention a free beer for each volunteer at Barcade in Fishtown after the cleanup? Sign-up at unitedbyblue.com/penntreatymay We're excited to have members of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia join us at this cleanup, which takes place along a widely-biked stretch of road in Philadelphia. Cleanup snacks will be provided to all volunteers, courtesy of the living room cafe. Key Partner Information United By Blue is an urban-outdoor apparel and accessories brand founded in 2010. For every item sold, they remove a pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups. So far they have removed more than a quarter million pounds of trash across 23 states and with the help of over 5,000 volunteers. United By Blue is a Certified B Corporation whose community impact scores rank them in the top 10% of all B-Corps in the Communities category.

  • Unplugged: Consciousness Hacking


    Hey there everyone, This next meetup from Unplugged will be a screening of chosen talks all about the topic of Consciousness Hacking, which ranges from quantified self technologies to meditation and even psychedelics. We're going to have Mike McDermot, an ambient music artist, present with an array of binaural beat contraptions for everyone to try out. We're going to have a presentation about it to acquaint everyone with the idea of binaural beats, and then everyone can experiment with the various setups! It will be a great chance to become acquainted with listening meditation. I find these to be very relaxing! They have a tendency to be more relaxing than most forms of meditation, and easy to tune into once you get the hang of it. And the binaural beats are going to be a nice touch. We are looking for food & will have a lively environment to engage in any conversations you'd like to have about these topics. There may be a group meditation if everyone would like that, which we will figure out as the meetup gets under way. We may still have some talks to be screened and are still perusing any possibilities! The format for this event right now is up in the air, but bound to be awesome. And I think the Oculus Rift corner will make another appearance.

  • Lightning Talk Brainstorming & Coaching Night


    We are organizing a dev lightning talk event for Philly Tech Week and we need YOUR help. We want to highlight some of the new speakers and the hottest topics in the Philly dev community. Are you a newer speaker who wants some help refining a talk and would like some coaching to get ready to take the stage? or Have you been wanting to jump into the speaker pool, but need help brainstorming an idea and coaching to figure out how to start? or Are you an experienced speaker who has a new talk and need some feedback to get it ready to debut? or Are you an experienced speaker who wants to give back by mentoring and coaching a new group of speakers? Join us on January 14th for a brainstorming session that is meant to fill all these needs. The ideas, talks and speakers that come out of this brainstorming session will lay the groundwork for a Philly Tech Week dev lightning talk event designed to introduce some new and experienced speakers to the Philly tech community. Bring your talk ideas, speaking questions and/or mentoring skills to share with the group and help us plan what will be one of the most exciting events of Philly Tech Week!

  • Oculus Rift by N3rd Street Unplugged


    Hello everyone! We're having our next unplugged on December 15th with 5 oculus rift meditation games, two of them on cardboard (very inexpensive VR device: https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/). There is going to be tons of time this time to try them all out & relax. We're going to meet & greet at 6, start with a meditation at 6:30, then do whatever for the rest of the night and check out the games. We're going to have 5 games to try out, and as many oculi we can get out hands on!!! Here they are: Geometrify -> Geometrify is Virtual Reality application built for the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses combined with vibrant music on good headphones and optional biofeedback. Application give users an immersive 3D experience of geometric shapes coordinated with sound. The effects are deeply touching, entertaining, immersive, calming or uplifting depending mainly on the used music genre. You might compare the experience with float tank in a way. Soundself -> An immersive hypnotic experience that accepts your voice as feedback. The goal: trance for trances sake. SoundSelf is the collision of centuries old meditation technology with the video-gametrance. Turn off the lights, amp up the volume, and use your voice to fall through an odyssey of light and body. Designed as a virtual reality experience, SoundSelf takes advantage of loopholes in human perception to induce an introspective state of ecstasy. It is as much for the experienced desert wanderer as it is for the intrepid novice taking their first steps into meditation. http://soundselfgame.com (http://soundselfgame.com/) Guided Meditation -> Embrace solitude alongside a quiet pier overlooking a tropical beach, intensify your zen-style by embracing a private forest at sunset in the cool rain, soothe your soul by basking in the sunlight reflected off a koi pond, or stare down into a canyon born from millennia of change. This relaxing virtual reality application makes it possible to meditate whenever. Even on your lunch break. http://guidedmeditationvr.com/buzz/ Zen Zone (cardboard!) - Zen Zone is a peaceful guided meditation experience designed for Google Cardboard. Virtual reality has unlocked new ways of relaxing and calming the body. The experience starts with some guided breathing exercises in a soothing nature environment. Butterflies dance over the pond in front of you, sunlight shines down through gaps in the rocks above. The second half is an innovative, new approach to relaxing the entire body that is only possible in VR. Best enjoyed with headphones. Eden River (cardboard!) - Eden River is a relaxation experience designed for Virtual Reality. It is the 5th game from Unello design. Eden River was created as a counterpoint to all the violent horror and action demos prevalent in VR. There is no blood in Eden River, there are no monsters. Instead you cruise down a tranquil river flying along with the animals of the forest. If you have one, set up a small electric fan blowing a slight breeze in your face. Eden River is a truly transcendental experience that is already in use in virtual reality research labs and special education classrooms around the world. The original score by Aaron Lemke was nominated for the Proto Award for Best Score. Works with: -Google Cardboard -Durovis Dive -ImmersiON-VRelia GO -Most other smartphone VR viewers -Merge VR Also available on the Samsung Gear VR