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Welcome to NAGA - the Nashville Area Gamer Association. Our goal is to unite the gamers of Nashville with their fellow hobbyists regardless of which style of gaming they are interested in. Whether it's war gaming, card gaming, board gaming, table top or live-action roleplaying we want to support it. Our goal is not to replace other local gaming resources such as other meetups, Yahoo! groups, or the bulletin boards at your friendly local gaming store but to provide a centralized location for gamers to find these groups in the first place. We also intend to be a resource for gamers to find safe, neutral venues to run their games at as well as catalog the local gaming and hobby shops in order to foster the local gaming business.

Make sure to also check out NAGACentral.com for more events, resources and gaming related news!

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Antioch Board Game Night

My Place

• What we'll do

We alternate game nights weekly between Tabletops games store any my house, that way if people wanna play a longer/more complex game that might go past the 10pm time or or in the middle of a game while getting close to 10pm, they don't have to feel rushed to complete it or end it early before closing time (thus the 10pm end time is not set in stone). Or if people want to stay and game later as I dont have a "closing time" thats an option. (Once we had myself and others stay up til 3am gaming. Sure thats only happened ONCE in the 4+ years I've been organizing these, but at least you know the option is available if anyone ever wanted to utilize it, which wouldn't be the case at the store).

One table is a standard folding table and chairs just like the store, the other is a 4x3 that can be extended to a 4x4-4x5 table if we're gonna play something thats a bit of a table hog.

As far as parking goes there will be plenty of space to do that in front of my or anyones house (People in the neighborhood are perfectly ok with people parking in front of their houses). Just try to avoid blocking (or using) driveways (including mine).

The number or people you see RSVPed here may not be accurate as those from our FB group that dont use meetup attend as well

• What to bring
This will be a B.Y.O.R (bring your own refreshments/snacks) event

Track & Hull Club

The Game Keep

The Track & Hull Club is a historical miniature gaming group that plays strategic games, primarily historical recreations or situations. We meet weekly at the Game Keep for miniature gaming.

Open Board Games and Card Games Night

Cheshire Hall

To keep all attendees comfortable and safe, we are asking that only immunized players attend: people who have had the Covid-19 vaccine and have waited for it to be fully active. If you are medically unable to be immunized, let us know as we will reserve a seat for one individual with such requirements.

Play board and card games at this twice weekly event, open to gamers of all levels of experience -- feel free to drop in! We have a extremely large library of board games, card games, war games, and roleplaying games. There are typically several games running at any given time, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to jump into a game. Regulars often stop by without RSVPing (but we encourage everybody to do so).

We are a residence set up specifically for gaming, with multiple rooms of tables and a welcoming community of gamers. If you're a first timer looking to discover the modern gaming scene, or a long time gamer hoping play your favorites or explore new types of games, we're happy to have you at our tables.

There is parking in backyard. Please try to park next to each other to make room for everybody. The driveway is a bit steep. Street parking is also available if needed, and while not officially endorsed, many people park in the back lot of a church one house over and across the street.

Doors open at 5:00pm; games usually get going around 6:00pm and continue through the evening until around 10pm to Midnight.

So that people can get more gaming in on a weeknight, Wednesdays are a friendly pot luck: food is provided, but nobody is required to bring anything.


Nashville Game Night - 3rd Wednesday

Nashville Software School

Meeple Mountain hosts the largest, and one of the longest running, Game Nights in the city of Nashville on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. Each month we partner with a different publisher to give away a copy of a hot new game!

Nashville Game Night is a chance to relax and unwind by playing games with friends and colleagues! B.Y.O.G. (bring your own game) or just show up and see what's "on the table". Dice games, card games, board games, co-op gaming and more.

Head over to http://www.meeplemountain.com/nashville-game-night/ for details on location, history, and hosting.

Nashville Game Night is open to gamers of all beliefs and backgrounds and our goal is to cultivate a community that can come together over our shared love of board games.

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Nashville Unveiled - Vampire the Requiem

Cheshire Hall

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