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Wednesday Pick-Up Game!!!
*** Please RSVP to make sure we can have a game!!!*** We need to find a field with lights if we want to continue to play during winter time. So if anybody has other suggestions, please let us know. This school keeps lights on passed midnight and so a good option. Bring a dark and white shirt! Join our Facebook group: Mid-Cites Pick-up Soccer 2016

John Adams Middle School

833 W Tarrant Rd · Grand Prairie , tx

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Pick-up soccer in North Arlington and the Mid-Cities area. Outdoors for starters, will look into doing it Indoors once we have enough people interested.

This is how we roll:

** SOCCER **

1. Bring a white jersey and a black or other **dark** color one to be part of one team or another (note: light grey has gotten me and others confused in the past, please avoid that color for your jersey if possible). Shin-guards are highly recommended.

2. We play for periods of 15 minutes with 3-5 minute breaks in between.

3. We have all levels of players so even if you can, don't play too aggressively, don't get anyone hurt. We are doing it for the fun and the exercise so these are not championship matches. Chances are you will end up with a different group of players every time.

4. Bring your own water or sports drinks (and cooler). There is a water fountain there but it does not cool the water and it is a little bit of a walk from where we play. Arlington Parks and Recreation **prohibits** the consumption of alcohol on their properties, even while in your car at the parking lot.

5. We pick up our own trash. There are a few trash cans nearby (at least 2 close than he water fountain). If you have empty water bottles or any kind of trash, please put it where it belongs.

6. Please join the group if you plan to attend and have not joined. Tell your guests the same thing, please. It helps us plan accordingly and it helps you stay up to date. If you don't have configured to send you email notifications about the activity of the this group [or if you do but don't read them :-) ], please be sure o visit the group page. Use the Discussions functionality, either at the group or event level.

7. Game rules.
a) We play with no goalie. Please do not block the goal, play defense instead.

b) When out of bounds or a goal is scored, the ball is just put back into play by the corresponding team. There are no throw-ins, we just start playing again, unless it is a corner kick, we do take corner kicks.

c) If you need a break before the game is over (e.g. when I forget to start the timer), just tell your teammates and take your break.

d) Have fun... lots of fun!!

See you there!!


Well... we started with soccer and the group is fairly new still. We intend to organize other sports or activities soon (like sand volleyball, mountain biking, hiking or anything else we can do at or near the River Legacy Park in North Arlington)

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