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Nashville Slow Ride…

….is a group of recreational and utility cyclists cruising the streets and greenways of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We include riders who just climbed on a bike for the first time since childhood, experienced riders who can pedal a hundred miles and everyone in between.

The purpose of NSR is to create bike rides for people of all riding abilities or to promote events that have a direct and positive impact on cycling in our area.

Slow Ride is member driven because you organize and lead the rides. If you don't schedule a ride don't blame us when you're riding all alone.

We specialize in informal group rides but also participate in charity rides and other bike related events. Every member is an organizer and can create a ride. So set your gathering place, time and date to see who will join you to start the fun.

Slow Ride is entirely free but if you like what we’re doing find the PayPal button on the front page and send us a few bucks to help pay the expenses or go here:


You can also find us on Facebook. SLOW RIDE ON FACEBOOK (

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Need to Know

Slow ride is entirely voluntary and the organizer is responsible for the website but not the rides. If you don’t see a ride you like start one yourself. Feel free to contact the group organizer to ask any questions.

Read the description of a Meetup ride closely. If you think it might be too fast or too slow or too long contact the organizer and ask questions. If you’re leading a ride make it clear about your expectations of riders. Slow is fast to some people and intermediate is really unclear. Some people don’t want to get off the greenway so make it clear about your route. Try using Google maps ( to set up a route plan.

If you post a scheduled charity ride (such as Tour de Nash or Harpeth River Ride) you must be willing to lead a Slow Ride group at the event. We have had some confusion when these rides are posted but no one leads a Slow Ride Meetup group. Do not post an independent event unless you are willing to take responsibility for a NSR group.

Our leaders are volunteers and not paid professionals, but one of the group's goals is to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time at events. However, your personal safety is your responsibility.'s terms of service agreement specifically says that members join any and all meetups at their own risk and cannot hold or its organizers and other members liable for damages.

After a Slow Ride

Please return to this site and rate the event and if you feel like it type in some comments or post photos. This helps us plan future events, but realize that your comments are available for public viewing. If you have a problem during an event and don't feel comfortable talking about it then, please email an organizer to pass on the information.

Please feel free to upload photos to each event page but the organizers can remove photos that are inappropriate.

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