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Go See The Bulls vs the Toronto Raptors for 50% off on Saturday, November 17th!
This is one of many live games we will be attending this season with our special group discount rate. Go to this link to purchase your tickets for 50% off Regardless of how many tickets you get, as long as you purchase through this app it will sit us all together (or at least as close together as possible). You'll have an opportunity to invite people after you purchase your tickets. Please do! The more the merrier, just please remember the reason this MeetUp exists is to encourage meeting new people. The NBA Fans of Chicago MeetUp is a place where NBA fans of any team living in the Chicago area can gather, network, and make friends with other NBA fans. We do this by meeting up at various bars for big games and going to live Bulls games. -Special thanks to NBA Fans of Chicago member Blake Ryan of the Chicago Bulls for making this possible. If you have any questions about season tickets or your own group outings, he's your guy!

United Center

1901 W Madison St · Chicago, IL