What we're about

Ever since the passage of the cloud act, I've been alarmed by the level of monitoring going on in our country. I plan this group to cover hacking of all aspects, privacy, and personal protection of your data, and more. If you're interested in:

- Large scale port and vulnerability scanning

- Radio Frequencies (HackRF anyone?)

- Bluetooth fun (Ubertooth fun?)

- Wifi fun (kismet, krack, and security)

- ZWave Fun

- exploitation, and the prevention of.

- Protecting yourself, encrypting communications. Don't fool yourself, even cars put out radio transmissions that police can intercept. Newburgh local police use "Stingray" Devices that can trick your phone to think it's a cell tower. (ref: https://www.aclu.org/issues/privacy-technology/surveillance-technologies/stingray-tracking-devices-whos-got-them)

- You may have nothing to hide, but do you really trust thousands of government employees with that data?

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