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Have you heard the Presidential Candidates and news outlets talking about reparations for Black descendants of American slavery and wondered where this conversation started? Political talk show hosts, Antonio Moore and  Yvette Carnell of "Tone Talks" & "Breaking Brown", respectively, taking a look at the racial wealth gap that exists in the U.S.  They found that the median wealth of black households in the U.S. is only $1,700.00, while the median wealth of white households in the U.S. is $130,000.00. 
This disparity is not by mistake, it is because of intentional discriminatory federal, state and local policies.  
#ADOS is a real grassroots movement that has taken shape in cities across the U.S. and has been pushing for change by holding our elected officials accountable for addressing the issues of reparations for American Descendants of Slavery. Learn more ADOS101.com
Black Americans who are descended from American slavery interested in learning more about our claim against the US government and joining our efforts to have that debt settled are welcome to attend our information sessions and town halls.
Our volunteer activities include holding town hall events, canvassing and meeting with politicians and attending political events.
Triangle ADOS does not solicit donations for any reason. Membership is free. #ADOS is a political action movement and denounces all forms of physical violence, harassment and cyber bullying. 

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Triangle ADOS Juneteenth 2023 Celebration and Meet and Greet

Dame's Chicken & Waffles

Come join us in our celebration of Juneteenth and meet other ADOS activists in the area. We will have exciting news regarding our chapter and the ADOS Advocacy. We will also have activities of engagement. More details to come later as we get ready for the ADOS Advocacy Membership launch.

To complete your RSVP, please go to the following link as seating is limited:


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