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RIoT represents a network of technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, and entrepreneurs, all of whom have a stake in the Internet of Things industry. Companies ranging from startups to international heavyweights meet frequently to exchange ideas, to learn new technologies, and to create new opportunities. The Internet of Things is here, and it’s growing. Our mission is to create a community that captures IoT opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.

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Lunch & Learn - System & Organization Control Reporting

System and Organization Control Reporting: What your security conscious and heavily regulated business partners will be asking for shortly (if they aren’t already!). What is a SOC report? Why do I need one, and why won’t my auditors let me call this a “certification”?! How can I reduce the amount of time spent answering security questionnaires and complying with “right to audit” clauses from my customers? Join Dan Sembler of Cherry Bekaert as he discusses the specifics of what SOC-1 and SOC-2 reports are, who is asking for them and what they tell business partners about YOU. Dan will also walk you through the process of issuing your first SOC report and how to use them to evaluate your vendors. ** Please note this Lunch & Learn will be held in the E-Clinic, on the 2nd floor of the 310 S. Harrington HQ Building.**

Lunch & Learn - Industry 4.0: Modernizing & Connecting the Remote Data Center

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data is growing at an accelerating rate; now estimated by IDC and other analysts to be beyond 35% growth YoY. Today already being in the range of 44 Zetabytes in volumes. Businesses are needing to find new ways to improve their operational processes, gain production efficiencies, improve product quality, and reduce their health & safety risks. Join Justin Spears as he takes a look at NetApp's view on how to operationally modernize the data flow in an IoT-enabled world. ** Please note this Lunch & Learn will be held in the E-Clinic, on the 2nd floor of the 310 S. Harrington HQ Building.**

RAP II (RIoT Accelerator Program) Pitch Night

Marbles Kids Museum

Join us for the second RIoT Accelerator Program Pitch Night! RIoT showcases 7 startup teams to celebrate their completion of RAP and introduce them to the RIoT Community. See the RAP II Cohort pitch products in environmental monitoring, lighting, manufacturing, sleep, lung health, public safety, and pet cremation (you heard that right). A panel of judges will select the next winner of the RIoT Championship Belt! Also joining us will be an all-star line up of investors, on hand to judge our RAP competitors.

Lunch & Learn - Applying a Framework to your IoT Security Design

Planning out an effective infrastructure security policy can be tough. With so many products, technologies and services to choose from, the decision maker can become quickly overwhelmed from option overload. Using Security Frameworks based on industry best practices, like the CISv7 CSC standards, can help you effectively plan and manage a security assessment plan that will lead to implementation of the most effective security controls to mitigate risks in your IOT infrastructure. Don’t feel like you are pulling at straws when it comes to making solid security decisions. Start with a plan, follow it and implement it correctly, and your overall confidence in your team and the security controls you deploy to protect your infrastructure will increase. Join Mike Louis, Technology Director at NWN, to learn more about the concept of using frameworks to plan an effective set of strategies in this session. ** Please note this Lunch & Learn will be held in the E-Clinic, on the 2nd floor of the 310 S. Harrington HQ Building.**

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Lunch & Learn - How Much is Your Trademark Worth?

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