RIoT Developer Day 2019

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RIoT is excited to bring Developer Day 2019 on August 30th, hosted by Wake Technical Community College. Lunch is provided!


KLARRIO: Streaming Applications at Breakneck Speeds - Geared towards developers, data scientists and ALL data in motion enthusiasts who are building streaming data solutions, this event session covers data-in-motion, data analytics and applicable open technologies.

BANDWIDTH: IoT <-> Human Comms - You've got the hardware, firmware, and cloud connections, but now you need to interact with those pesky bipedal carbon-based life forms that walk around breaking things. We'll discuss the state of IoT Interactions - how you can communicate with people or facilitate comms between people. This session also includes a hands-on workshop where you get to make your phone ring and ding with calls and messages.

INFLUXDB: Architecting an IoT Solution for Data Collection and Analysis - The IoT is as much a concept and an architecture as it is a technology. How you design and build your IoT system — from sensor to central data repository — can directly affect the success of your IoT Project. Designing your IoT architecture for maximum availability of data and for monitoring is a key to success.

SEMTECH: Enable your IoT Solution with LoRa Technology - In this presentation, you'll receive an in-depth technical overview of LoRa and LoRaWAN(r), hear about real-life use cases, and dive into the technical aspects of the LoRa long range, long battery life technology.

WIRELESS RESEARCH CENTER: Antenna Selection for IoT Applications and What's Next for 5G - This talk will go over the different available antenna architectures and how to pick the right one for your specific IoT application. The speakers will also discuss what is coming next for 5G and showcase an antenna demo.

CROSSCOMM: Overview of BLE on Android - Come learn what it takes to get up and running with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android. We’ll start with a discussion of the concepts of BLE and how it’s different from Classic Bluetooth. Then we’ll step through an Android app example showing how to scan and connect to a BLE device. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a smartphone app that can control your IoT device, this talk is for you.

PRATT MILLER: Cutting Edge OpenSource Tech for IoT: Exploring OpenThread, Particle and Azure Sphere - Be like a magician with the latest and greatest IoT technology! Dan will show how his teams are leveraging open source technology like OpenThread and Azure Sphere, plus how open source platforms such as Particle are leveraging this technology to make mesh networking easy for a local network to include gateways for awesome IoT functionality.

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS: Hack Your OBD Port - Demo - Join us for this on-site demo and coding session, where you'll learn to hack the ODB port on your car. Presented by Advance Auto Parts, this workshop will discuss how developers can leverage the standard data interface for all vehicles in order to build new applications.

ARROW ELECTRONICS: An Introduction to the Internet of Things - Come discuss how your IoT devices connect to the Internet and the IoT device connectivity process, and then run a demo using the Arrow QuickSilver* Board and connect to Arrow’s Connect*.

DNA GROUP: HMI 101: Success factors for HMI design - Discuss HMI fundamentals – interactions between humans and machines and machines and humans – as well and design principles, practical tips, and real-life examples. + what makes this important, what intuitive look like, and things all designers, developers, and tinkerers should do and not do to make devices successful.

NC CLEAR PATH: Map-a-Thon! Learn to Help Raleigh Map Accessibility Paths for Wheelchair Pedestrians - No coding experience required! Anyone can participate in this hands-on, volunteer-run effort to better map accessible routes for the City of Raleigh. Help map accessible sidewalks and contribute to the NC Clear Path project.