Don't "Click here:" The Intersection of Usability, Accessibility, and SEO

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Join us January 18 as David Minton, Managing Partner, DesignHammer Media Group, LLC presents on Don't "Click here:" The Intersection of Usability, Accessibility, and SEO.

Takeaways include:

1.) Usability, Accessibility and SEO should be approached in a holistic manner.

2.) Project leaders, content editors, and website developers must have at least a basic understanding of the three disciplines to yield a successful outcome.

3.) Successful implementation should yield real world results, including increased website traffic, and increased transaction rates.

Pizza (sponsored by NTEN & PINInc/RTPNet) and discussion starting at 6:30 in the Pine room. The presentation will be in the Board room and no food or drinks are allowed in the Board room, so plan to arrive early if you want food.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Full Workshop Description:

What could Usability, Accessibility, and SEO (search engine optimization) have in common? Besides industry jargon that website designers/developers need to know, they are in some ways three aspects of the same process. While one involves making websites easier to use for average visitors, one for serving disabled visitors, and the last to improve the website’s performance in search engine results. If you really think about it, they are all forms of usability; only the latter two serve special audiences; the disabled, and search engines. This is of course somewhat simplistic though there are many differences they are not completely unrelated.

Something else all three have in common is that extensive thought and planning needs to be done at the beginning of a website development project for a successful outcome. While most website publishers will put some thought into usability, whether consciously or not, they won't put much thought into search engine optimization, and even less into accessibility (unless they are in an industry in which there are accessibility requirements). Deciding the website needs to be accessible, or perform well in search engine results, will be expensive and time consuming if only considered after the completion of the website project. Planning for Usability, Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization is essential in developing a successful website. While these are often approached as separate disciplines, addressing the three in a unified manner can yield successful results more efficiently.

In this talk, we will cover the basics of Usability, Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization, as well as review basic techniques and tools for planning and executing successful website development projects.